English Grammar

Present Simple or Continuous

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We use the Present Simple for regular actions or events 
I watch TV most evenings

The sun rises in the east 

facts know about the future 
The plane leaves at 5.00 in the morning

. thoughts and feelings about the time of speaking
I don’t understand.

We use the Present Continuous at the time of speaking (‘now’)

things which are true at the moment but not always
I’m looking for a new job

present plans for the future
I’m taking my husband to New York for his birthday.

Look at these sentences

I’m thinking about dying my hair blonde but I don’t think my wife will be very happy about it. 

I usually don’t drink coffee but I’m having one this morning because there is nothing else. 

I often drive to work but I’m taking the train this morning because my car is in for repair. 

My parents live in New York but I’m just visiting.

Notice how in all these examples we use the present continuous to talk about events which are temporary/limited in time and the present simple to talk about events which are habits/permanent.