Egg Cleanse – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to tell someone they need to work some stuff out in their mind? You could tell them to try an “egg cleanse” to help them align their energy and see through the confusion in their life. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The phrase “egg cleanse” describes a process involving the clearing of toxic energy from your body, mind, and surroundings. The practitioner maneuvers the egg around your body at specific chakra points, drawing the bad energy into the egg and away from you. They dispose of the egg at the end of the ceremony to symbolize how the bad energy leaves your life.

The process removes bad energy blocking the flow of life force around the body. As a result, the person finds they experience better levels of mood and clearer thinking in the following days after the ceremony.

The process is trusted with removing magic spells, bad karma, addiction, fear, imbalances, and confusion. It also has some benefits in removing illness and health problems. However, none of those claims have any scientific backing.

Example Usage

“I think I need to do an egg cleanse. Someone told me it’s great for releasing the stress and anxiety in your life.”

“Maybe I should give the egg cleanse a try. I heard it works wonders for clearing your mind and helping you focus on what’s important in life.”

“The egg cleanse changed my life. I used to be so anxious and stressed all day. Now I’m clear, confident, and focused, and I’m living in the present.”

“The egg cleanse could be all in your head. It makes no sense how it has any connection to removing negative energy from the body.”

“The egg cleanse is a hoax conducted by a snake oil salesman. It does nothing more than act as a placebo. Show me the medical evidence proving me wrong.”

“Are you going to join me on an egg cleanse? I know someone who can perform the ceremony for us, and it’s remarkably affordable.”


The expression “egg cleanse” originates from a ritual where participants use an egg to cleanse their spirit and body of negative energy influencing their life. The egg cleanse got popular on social media in early 2020, and it’s a centuries-old practice.

The egg cleanse originates from the Mesoamerican dynasty, where it goes by the moniker “limpías.” Practitioners will use raw eggs and eggshells to cleanse the negative energy they feel surrounding their being or space.

This ritual removes toxic energy from the person and opens them up to receiving good energy that creates new luck and opportunity. In the past, people would perform the ritual of the egg cleanse when they experienced unexpected illnesses in their lives.

It’s also good to clear the energy before starting a new project, after a relationship breakup, and when distancing yourself from other “energy vampires” in your life.

Phrases Similar to Egg Cleanse

  • Soul cleanse.

Phrases Opposite to Egg Cleanse

  • GI cleanse.
  • Spiritually dead.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Egg cleanse.

Ways People May Say Egg Cleanse Incorrectly

Some people may confuse the "egg cleanse" with some sort of diet. However, the cleanse doesn't affect the GI tract as other "cleanses." The egg cleanse cleans out your soul and spirit while leaving you open to accepting positive energy into your life.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Egg Cleanse

You can use the egg cleanse when you're trying to heal your spirit and cast negative energy out of your life. If you tell someone they need an "egg cleanse," you're telling them that they seem conflicted internally and need to resolve the issue causing the problem. If they leave it unattended, it could result in bad things happening in their life.

The egg cleanse s an ambiguous process, and there is no evidence existing showing that it has any measurable effect on anything but the person's mental state. You can use "egg cleanse" when discussing spirituality and spiritual topics in social settings.

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