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FRFR – Meaning, Origin and Usage

If you’re in a chatroom and make an open-ended statement, you might have other users reply with the acronym “FRFR.” What does it mean? This post unpacks everything you need to know about the origin and meaning of this idiomatic phrase. We’ll also look at how to use it in conversation and online. FRFR Meaning […]

Tilting at Windmills – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did someone tell you to stop “tilting at windmills?” What do they mean? There aren’t any windmills around, so what are they talking about? This post unpacks this idiomatic expression’s meaning, origin, and use. Tilting at Windmills Meaning If you’re “tilting at windmills,” it means that you’re fighting imaginary enemies and wasting your time worrying […]