As Well As – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to describe something additional to something else? You could say "as well as" to add it to the conversation. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this term.


The expression "as well as" means something additional to what you originally referred to. It's a substitute for the conjunctions "and" or "additionally." Most grammar experts view it as an unnecessary language extension, with most people suggesting removing it from writing for conciseness in language. "As well as" can mean "in continuation with" or "over and above."

Example Usage

"We're going to the movies this afternoon. I'm going to get myself some popcorn, as well as a slushie and some milk duds. I'm going large today."

"We gave the customer everything they asked for, as well as the new promotional material you told us to hand out this morning. They said they'll be back later."

"I decided to buy a house as well as a car with my lotto winnings. I feel I can afford it, so I went with the new Rolls Royce Ghost and a mansion in the Hamptons."

"I'll have the sausage and peppers as well as a turkey sub. I'm super hungry this afternoon, and I need the calories."

"I went to the boss, and he told me I must work the weekend as well as the public holiday coming up next week. I don't know why I'm still working here; the shifts are crazy."

"We're going to Reno as well as Atlantic City on our next vacation. We're doing it big. I hope I win some money at the tables."

"What do you want here? Are you saying you need my ID as well as my passport? Why do I have to provide you any identification at all?"

"We took the chips as well as the option for the soda. We wanted to ensure we got the best value for money from the deal."

"Can I get a Big Mac, a large fry, and a soda? How much is a Happy Meal these days? I'll get one of those for my kid as well as a chocolate milkshake."

"I got the new iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. It was a great deal on my contract for an extra $5 per month."


The expression "as well as" is a literary term. There is no information on when it entered the modern vernacular, who coined the term, or its first use in wiring. The term stretches back to old English, and l experts cannot pinpoint its first use in modern language.

Phrases Similar to As Well As

  • And.
  • Additionally.

Phrases Opposite to As Well As

  • N/A.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • As well as.

Ways People May Say As Well As Incorrectly

The expression “as well as” doesn’t refer to your state of well-being. Using it to describe how you’re feeling as well as you can be is incorrect. It’s used to add something to what you’re saying or mention something additional to the topic of conversation.

It's common for people to use it where they could just use "and" instead. Therefore, it's more grammatically correct in terms of conciseness to use "and" instead of "as well as."

Acceptable Ways to Phrase As Well As

You can use the term “as well as” in writing or verbal communication. It’s a way of saying “and” or “additionally.” The phrase suits professional and social language. You could use it in official email conversations or in texts between friends.

“As well as” is acceptable in all types of conversations, and you’ll use it when you want to add more to what you’re saying. For instance, you could say you’re giving your kids popcorn as well as a slushie at the movies. Or you could say you’re giving your boss your best effort this week, as well as some overtime this weekend.

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