Valid – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a new term to describe something for which the word 'good' just isn't good enough? Let people know what you really think about a person or topic, and use the word 'valid' to express yourself. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this popular online term.


The term 'valid' is a type of amelioration whereby a word with an existing meaning is used to mean something else other than its first, common definition.

When something is called 'valid' then it is described as more than good, or as excellent.

The term 'valid' is used as a form of emphasis, when something is good in the superlative and the simple word 'good' wouldn't necessarily describe how great something (or someone) is.

While 'valid' is used to mean authentic or verified in general terms, popular modern use of the word 'valid' attributes the second meaning to it.

There is no plural of the form 'valid' and it is not used in this way.

The most common use of 'valid' in this way is seen on social media platforms, though also sees an increased use in narratives and fiction.

Example Usage

“If you're ever in the red light district of Amsterdam, make sure that you stop by the second house to the left. They have some really valid cheeseburgers that are probably the best thing I've ever tasted.”

“We went to Disneyland and the experience was a lot of fun. We tried going to a few other attractions in Florida, but nothing was as valid.”

“Dude, we should really get together and start a band or something. Don't you think it could be really valid?”

“I don't like pineapples on pizza, but I think pepperoni is the most valid thing you can stick on a heap of melted cheese.”


The term 'valid' has been around since at least the late 1500s, where the word 'valid' to mean 'authentic' was first derived from the Latin word 'validus'.

The term 'valid' as it is used to mean something that is great or excellent has been around since at least the middle of the 2000s. According to an Urban Dictionary entry, this use of the word has been in popular use since January 2004.

An entry on Urban Dictionary claims that the first use of 'valid' to mean excellent or great was by the presenter and comedian Santo Cilauro on a talk show called the Panel. This is unverified according to most other resources, but could be a plausible example of the term's early use.

'Valid' is often used as an exclamation of pleasant surprise or as a descriptive word.

Use of the word 'valid' has experienced a revival in the post-2016 world of TikTok, where it has quickly spread as a hashtag and keyword to other social media websites.

Phrases Similar to Valid

  • Legit
  • Excellent
  • Boss

Phrases Opposite to Valid

  • Cheugy
  • Awful
  • Class (Ironically)

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Valid

Ways People May Say Valid Incorrectly

There are several different ways to use the term valid incorrectly.

The term 'valid' is generally not used in a sarcastic way, but to provide actual validation to something that has just been said.

The term 'valid' cannot be used as a plural term, and things can be 'valid' but things cannot be called 'valids'.

Valid should be used to emphasize or legitimize something.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Valid

The correct way to use the term 'valid' is to emphasize something that has already been said, or to add legitimacy to a statement.

The words 'legit', 'great' and 'cool' are similar and the context in which one would use the term 'valid' is very much the same.

Whenever something is more than good or when you want to say how excellent something is, the term 'valid' could apply to it.

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