BFD – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Have you ever been out with your friends or even lounging around the workplace having an idle conversation?

If some, chances are you have heard someone boast about something that simply doesn’t interest you. One way to disregard their comments or voice your displeasure is to say BFD.

After all, what they have to say or whatever happened is not a big deal in your opinion.

This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


BFD is shorthand for “big freaking deal.” This is a typically sarcastic term widely used on the internet. Most people use it as a way to avoid being specifically vulgar while still expressing a lack of importance.

The slag has been around for quite a while and though it is most often used ironically, it can be found used with positive tones.

The interjection that whatever is seen or heard is unimpressive however is often the first assumption.

Bfd can also be used to stand for a “big fucking deal”, but positively. In this usage, the person making use of the term is doing so to highlight the importance of a person, statement, or event.

There is no limit to who can use bfd, however, it is considered highly casual or slang and should not be used in formal communication.

Example Usage

“Winning the Stanley Cup is a BFD!”

“Seeing Trump around on Capitol Hill is common, not a bfd”.

“Did you see that Adam got a new car? So what, bfd”.

“I don’t care if you ate the last taco, bfd, I can buy some more.”

“Mary is so hot, she actually smiled at me today! Bfd, she smiles at everyone.”

“He thinks everything he does is a bfd, I don’t get it.”

“Bfd, he got the promotion and you didn’t.”


Bfd like many shorthand idioms originated in the early days of the internet. Bfd was first found in written form in the late 60s.

It started being used widely on message boards and on various platforms such as IRC.

Although it was added to some popular alternative dictionaries at the start of 2000, it has been around for much longer.

Bfd has been used online and offline since the early 70s, however, it became a widely used term more recently.

The hit show The Office aired in 2000 and still remains a favorite show even 20 years later.

In one of the episodes of The Office, Michael Scott, the main character, elaborately spelled out B-F-D sarcastically. The episode gained widespread appeal and thus launched the popular slang into widespread use in real life.

Most people will now use the term online and offline instead of using the actual words.

The slang bfd can be found in most messengers services, on thousands of memes and GiFs, and used on commentary all over the world.

As a part of pop culture, bfd has also found its way into books, songs and even online video commentary.

Less often seen, but still popular is the positive use of bfd.

Context is important to understand if bfd is being used as a form of praise or as a form of sarcasm, however, it is usually easy to ascertain which is being inferred.

Phrases Similar to Bfd

  • Ffs – for fucks sake
  • Nfw – no fucking way
  • Wc- who cares
  • Idgaf – I don’t give a fuck
  • Wt – whatever

Phrases opposite to Bfd

  • Np – no problem
  • Nbd – no big deal

What is The Correct Saying?

Using both BFD and bfd is correct, though all letters capitalized are the most common usages.

  • Bfd or big freaking deal.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Bfd

Bfd is easy to use, but also easy to misuse in the wrong context. Most often is used sarcastically.

If you are trying to be positive, then you will need to add context.

For example, saying that the invention of the iPhone was a bfd and adding an eye-rolling emoji would be an incorrect usage.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Bfd

“Everyone can run a mile, it’s not a bfd”.

“A new pair of Nikes is not a bfd, get over it.”

“Bfd, Morphe is always on sale.”

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