How to Write Manifestations (with Tips & Examples)

We all have dreams, and we all wish they'd come true. Are you tired of wishing? Try a new method — try working with manifestations, and start living your dreams. Here's how.

Manifestation Basics

If you're looking to define manifestations, "affirmations on steroids" will certainly do the trick. Manifestations are used to attract the kind of energy that would help you achieve a specific goal. In working with manifestations, your goal can be as broad as "be happy", or as specific as "land a job at the New York Times".

Manifestations should be viewed within the context of the law of attraction — a philosophy or approach to life that holds that "like attracts like". Specifically, positive thoughts will allow you to welcome positivity into your life, while a cycle of negative thinking will cause pain and suffering.

You are likely already familiar with affirmations, or positive statements that are designed to get you into a positive frame of mind to achieve success and life your best life. Manifestations are similar, in that people use them to bring new events or circumstances into being, but they are also different. With manifestations, you don't just chant statements. You also take the actions required to get you to where you want to be. You work hard to reach your goal, and you do everything you can to make sure that your soul is centered on that goal and that your emotions are in the right place.

Want to find your soulmate? It's not going to happen just by chanting "I am so happy to have a wonderful partner in my life". At the very least, you also have to get yourself out there and meet some people.

Want to be a millionaire? Telling yourself you already are one every day won't cut it. You'll almost certainly have to start a successful business to get there.

You get the point — manifestations keep going where affirmations stop, by making sure that you create the right circumstances to make your dreams come true.

Benefits of Writing Your Manifestations

Think back to a time in your life when you were unexpectedly rewarded with the very thing you'd wanted intensely for a long time already, and you'll realize that you don't necessarily need to write your manifestations down to bring your dream into being.

Journaling does help in manifesting, though, and that is because:

  • When you write something down, you concretize it. You commit to it. You make it physical.
  • Journaling gives you a place to visualize your future.
  • Journaling can give you the opportunity to realize what you need to work on to clear the barriers that stand between you and the realization of your goal.
  • When you write manifestations, you can keep track of those that have already come into being, giving you more to be grateful for every day. This, too, will support you in your positive mindset.

4 Best Ways to Write Your Manifestations

You can follow your own unique style as you write your manifestations, of course, but here's a look at methods that work well for other people.

1. Manifestation List

A manifestation list is one of the simplest ways to get started with your manifestations. You simply write a list of your desires down in a special manifestation journal, describing your dreams in order of priority and using the present tense.

You read the manifestation list every day, noting down if something you desired came to pass as well. Remember to be grateful for the present!

2. Manifestation Scripting

Yes, that's scripting as in "movie script". To use this technique, sit down in a quiet and peaceful place with your journal and imagine every detail about your new life — the life you want. Tell the journal how it feels, what you can smell, what you can taste, what makes you smile, who you work with and what they are like. Write in the present tense and give it your very best shot. Your future might depend on it.

3. Vision Board Journal

For the total newcomers, we assume you're familiar with Pinterest. If you have ever gotten lost in the most wholesome side of the platform, you've already seen something very similar to a vision board. Your vision board will be as unique as you are, and it will be filled with your personal dreams.

Many people use traditional cork boards, which they can put up in their home office, for a vision board. You can also use a journal for your vision board, and in this case it will look most like a scrapbook. A vision board is filled with everything you want in your life. That can include:

  • Pictures and other images that show your dream — perhaps a beautiful home decorated in a particular style, for instance, or perhaps a successful career.
  • Meaningful inspirational quotes from famous people or people you know personally.
  • If you are religious, scripture.
  • Your personal affirmations.

If you choose to, you may also write affirmations by hand and use the same journal as a gratitude journal — as long as you are visually inspired, the rules are up to you.

4. Repetition Manifestation Methods

Repetition manifestation methods are among the most powerful and popular, and you have many different options to choose from depending on your personal preferences:

  • The 369 manifestation method was inspired by the inventor Nikola Tesla, who loved the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and has since been modernized by several different innovators. You start with just one manifestation of around two sentences long. Be specific and word it as if your desire has already manifested. Write your manifestation 3 times in the morning, 6 times at lunchtime, and 9 times before you go to bed.
  • The 55x5 manifestation method calls for you to write your manifestation 55 times a day, 5 times in a row. Your manifestation should be exciting, specific, written in the present tense, and fairly short.
  • The 1x11 manifestation method originated with Abraham, the non-physical entity from the book Manifest Your Desires. Decide what you are trying to manifest, and write it down in positive, specific, terms, as if the dream you have is already your reality. In a special journal, mark 11 pages. Write the affirmation 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evening for 11 days in a row. Memorize the statement if you can. After you complete your writing, take some time to meditate and be one with the universe. This method recognizes that it can take longer than 11 days for your desire to manifest, and asks that you take a break of at least a few days before trying the exercise again.
  • The 77x7 manifestation technique is another repetition method — and by now, you'll be familiar with the essence. In a special journal, you'll write your manifestation 7 times after you wake up and 7 times at night, for 7 days straight. It works well for many people for the simple reason that the number 7 marks a week, and as such fits into your natural rhythm very nicely.
  • The 3x33 manifestation method requires you to write your manifestation 33 times a day for 3 days in a row. Once you have done this, you let it go and allow the universe to work.

Which repetition manifestation method is right for you? That is ultimately a matter of personal preference. If any of these numbers already has a special meaning to you, that would be the one to choose.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Write Manifestations

Being completely new to writing manifestations, the whole process can be a little intimidating. This step-by-step guide on writing manifestations can help you get started.

1. Get a Manifestation Journal

Your manifestations are important — and they should unfold within a special journal. Choose one with high-quality paper and a nice durable cover, such as a Moleskine journal.

This journal is the place where you will write your manifestations, following the method you have chosen, so that's what you'll be doing. In addition, however, you can also journal about the things in your life you are particularly grateful for. Your manifestation journal is not a diary in which you might write anything you feel like. Keep angry or disappointed thoughts out of it, and focus on the positive. Focus on manifesting your desire.

If the method you are using calls for a specific amount of space, mark that first. Leave space in another section to share your thoughts of gratitude and love.

Now, the only other thing you need to do is to keep your manifestation journal close to you as often as possible. This will not only enable you to write your manifestations at the designated times, but also to have a little peek at it whenever you need some extra motivation.

2. Meditate and Visualize Your Dreams

No matter which manifestation method you settle on, meditating should be a key part of the process. You can do this immediately after writing your manifestations, or, if you like, right before. As you meditate, visualize your dream. Imagine that your desires are already part of your life. You can do this by:

  • Visualizing your surroundings.
  • Imagining what you feel like.
  • Imagining your daily routine.
  • Thinking about tastes, smells, and sounds present in your ideal life.

If you have ever been to a yoga class and been asked to think of a peaceful beach or a pine forest, and you've heard the waves hitting the beach and smelled the fresh smell of pine, you'll be able to do this, too.

3. Write Down Your Manifestations in Detail

If your goals are too vague, you might never know if you hit them. Your manifestations should be specific. It's usually best not to settle for "I am happy" or "I am healthy". Instead, visualize your desires in great detail. You know what you desire. It might be a specific promotion. It might be a specific weight goal. Write that down, so that you will know whether your manifestation worked.

4. Repetition

To feel like the manifestation is truly part of your life, you have to sit with it, repeatedly. This is why popular methods have you write your manifestations multiple times a day, and why you write them a specific number of times. After a while, the manifestations begin to feel real.

5. Trust in Yourself and the Universe

Some people may actually manifest their desires while trying to prove to a friend that manifestations don't work, but don't count on it. You have to trust that your desire or dream is a possibility, and that you are worthy of it being present in your life. After you go through the process, you should also trust the universe (God, cosmic energy, or however you see it) to take care of you.

Examples of Written Manifestations

Are you still stuck? It might help to see what types of manifestations people use to manifest their desires, so here are some examples.


  • I am truly grateful that my special person came into my life.
  • I am so passionately in love with my soulmate, and I will forever be grateful that the universe placed them on my path.
  • My true love and I live a wonderful life filled with beauty and peace, in comfort and laughter.
  • I feel so happy to be able to spend so much time with my amazing partner!
  • I am so incredibly pleased to have met my one and only!


  • I am truly lucky to have landed a job that I am passionate about and that fulfills all my material needs.
  • I attract wealth like flowers attract honey. I am comfortable and so grateful to be able to give back to my community.
  • I work hard doing a job that I feel so grateful to have, and I am so grateful for the material benefits I enjoy every day.
  • I am proud to be able to help the world out with my amazing job.

New Moon

  • I embrace the new and trust that the universe will show me my path.
  • As the moon goes through all its phases, I, too, rise like a phoenix.
  • As the moon starts a new cycle, I feel so grateful that the Earth is at peace and my community is safe.

Additional Tips on How to Manifest Through Writing

To make the most of your manifestations, make ample use of these tips!

  • Always write in the present tense, as if the life you desire is already yours.
  • Be clear and specific in penning your manifestation.
  • Be confident in your writing, and do your best to sincerely imagine that you are already living your desired outcome.
  • Be patient. If your desire doesn't manifest the next day, that doesn't mean it won't.
  • Avoid writing negative words such as "never", "won't", "can't", "unhappy", and the like — instead, rephrase your manifestation in the positive. (As an example, avoid "I am grateful to have left my horrible, stressful, job behind and that I have found a better one" — those words invoke negativity.)


What is the best way to write manifestations?

Write your manifestations in pen ink, in a high-quality journal.

What color represents manifestations?

This will depend on your cultural context, but you may use warm and positive colors like orange, red, or yellow if you wish. Green can represent new beginnings.

Where should you write manifestations?

You should write your manifestations in a peaceful environment conducive to personal growth.

Can you manifest for someone else?

Yes, you can! Always feel free to manifest for someone you love or care about. Never use manifestations with the hope that something negative will happen to someone.

Is a handwritten journal better for writing manifestations?

Yes. The act of writing manifestations by hand helps you connect with them.

How often should you write your manifestations?

This depends heavily on the method you are following, but repetition is always key.

Does spiritual manifestation work?

To find out more about how spiritual manifestation works, you can look into the law of attraction. Some people believe that non-physical entities or a higher power is at work, while others believe that the power of manifestations lies simply in the transformative act of positive thinking. As we change ourselves for the better, so we change our reality.


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