Making a Sissy – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a casual way to tell someone you need to use the restroom? You could say you need to “make a sissy.” This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this slang term, and shows you how to use it.


The slang phrase “making a sissy” simply means urinating.

Tone-wise, making a sissy is similar to “taking a piss.”

Note that the slang term “making a sissy” is unrelated to the slur “sissy,” meaning an effeminate man or boy. It is, instead, a form of onomatopoeia that refers to the sound urinating makes (“pssshhhh”).

Example Usage

Are you wondering how you would incorporate the slang “making a sissy,” meaning peeing, into a sentence? Take a look at these examples:

  • “Hold on! I just need to make a sissy before we head to the park!”
  • “Remember it will take two hours before we get to our destination, so please make a sissy before you get on the bus, boys and girls!”
  • “Some people might think making a sissy is an insult, but it’s just another way to say you need to go to the bathroom for a number one.”


The precise origin of the fairly obscure slang term “making a sissy” is unknown.

“Making a sissy” was popularized when the character Rube used the term in the 2003 TV show Dead Like Me.

This show centers around Georgia Lass, who becomes a modern-day grim reaper after dying in an accident during which a toilet dropped onto her head from outer space.

Reaper boss Rube says: “George, hold on a minute. I have to make a sissy, then I want to talk to you.”

The show aired for two seasons and had a total of 29 episodes, but managed to attract a significant fan base. This caused the phrase “making a sissy” to become more common.

“Making a sissy” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2010, and the last entry on the topic appear as recently as 2018.

Outside of this context, “making a sissy” is a cutesy term that may be used to talk to small children.

Anyone thinking about adopting “making a sissy” as a regular part of their vocabulary should be aware that the slang word “sissy” has rather negative connotations.

This word has long been used as a slur, to denote highly-feminine men. It has also been associated with certain sub-genres of pornography in recent years.

Saying that you need to “make a sissy” is highly likely to cause offense among people who know what sissy means, but have not heard this slang for peeing.

Phrases Similar to Making a Sissy

Are you looking for a casual way to say that you need to urinate, but are you afraid that “making a sissy” will cause offense? Here’s what you can say instead:

  • Taking a leak.
  • Taking a piss.
  • Need to tinkle.
  • Need to go to the bathroom.
  • Need to visit the ladies’ room/gents’ room.
  • Go for a wee-wee.
  • Need to siphon the python (men only).

Phrases Opposite to Making a Sissy

Slang phrases for having a bowel movement include:

  • Taking a dump.
  • Taking a shit.
  • Doing a poopoo.

What Is the Correct Saying?

The correct saying is “making a sissy.” It means “taking a pee,” or urinating.

Ways People May Say Making a Sissy Incorrectly

People who don’t know that “making a sissy” means “taking a pee” will probably think this slang phrase is related to “sissy,” meaning effeminate man.

While that is not true, as “making a sissy” refers to the sound of the flow of urine, using this phrase can cause offense.

You are best off avoiding it in most circumstances.

Acceptable Ways to Say Making a Sissy

You can say you “need to make a sissy” if you’re among other Dead Like Me fans who are more likely to laugh than to be offended.

It may also make sense to use the phrase with small children who are already accustomed to it, as toddlers often enjoy onomatopoeia.

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