Mon Cheri – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did your partner just call you ‘mon cheri’ in a text? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression ‘mon cheri’ translates from French to ‘my love’ in English. ‘Cheri’ means ‘cherished’ in French or something you hold dear to your heart, like your partner. While the French have two versions for ‘mon Cherie (‘mon Cherie’ and ‘ma chérie’), English-speaking people use ‘mon cheri’ interchangeably to describe men and women.

The term has the same meaning as calling your partner ‘my love,’ ‘my baby,’ ‘honey,’ or other terms of endearment. To use the term, you don’t need to be French or have French heritage. If you’re using ‘mon cheri’ to address your partner, you’re letting them know they are the love of your life.

Example Usage

“Please, could you join me at the restaurant tonight, mon cheri? I have something important we need to discuss pertaining to our future together.”

“I love you, mon cheri. I find myself thinking about you during every waking moment of my life. I know we’re destined to be together forever.”

“Please, mon cheri, calm down. I know you’re surprised at this development, and I hate to bring it to your attention. However, we have to make a decision about it right now.”

“Mon cheri, what are you doing this far across town? I didn’t expect to run into you today. How have you been? Are we still on for dinner tonight?”

“I love you, mon cheri. I will always be here for you; my love will stand the test of time, guaranteed. Call, and I will be there, wherever you are in the world.”

“My dear mon cheri. I think it is time for us to examine our relationship. I think it’s time for us to start seeing other people. I think you feel the same way.”

“It’s been 50 great years together, mon cheri. I’m glad you decided to marry me all those years ago. We’ve had a great life together, don’t you think?”


The expression ‘mon cheri; originates from the early 18th century. The phrase entered the English lexicon sometime in the mid-1800s, defining a ‘sweet young woman.’ In most cases, the English variant doesn’t feature the accent used in ‘cheri.’

‘Mon cheri’ features in many text publications around this tie, especially romance stories. The first recorded use of the phrase was in 1969. Legendary musician Stevie Wonder used the term in his classic soul hit “My Cherie Amour,” meaning ‘my darling love.’

The phrase still has use in modern language, and it’s common to hear lovers use it when addressing each other in public.

Phrases Similar to Mon Cheri

  • My love.
  • My lover.

Phrases Opposite to Mon Cheri

  • I hate you.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Mon Cheri.

Ways People May Say Mon Cheri Incorrectly

The phrase ‘mon cheri’ suits intimate relationships. It’s not suitable for use with your friends and family as there’s a sexual connotation to it, referring to your lover. Mon Cheri has nothing to do with describing cherries or Sherry.

Ways to Phrase Mon Cheri Correctly

You can use ‘mon cheri’ in social conversations with your partner. The phrase translates to ‘my love,’ making it a pet name for your lover. Typically, you’ll use this in heterosexual relationships, but it can also suit alternative lifestyles. The term ‘mon cheri’ is usually said by men to women in intimate relationships between partners.

You can use ‘mon cheri’ in social interactions, and it’s not considered polite to use it at formal events. It’s a term of endearment between two people with an intimate relationship. You can use the phrase when calling for your partner and addressing them. It suits public and private conversations, text messages, and verbal exchanges.

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