No Soliciting – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you tired of salespeople showing up at your work premises unannounced? Stick a sign saying “no soliciting” outside your business entrance. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “no soliciting” is a common sign found outside businesses and other commercial or professional venues. The sign means that salespeople are forbidden from entering the premises and speaking with people. If the salesperson breaks the law, they are at risk of the property owner reading them the trespassing act.

No soliciting” most commonly refers to the act of banning salespeople from entering premises. However, it can also refer to the act of soliciting a bribe or other nefarious behavior. Soliciting is also a common word for prostitution in the UK, and “no soliciting” would mean “no streetwalking or prostitution” in the area.

If you break the rules of no soliciting, you could get in trouble with the law for breaking city bylaws. As a result, law enforcement may charge you with a misdemeanor crime.

Example Usage

“I’m sorry, we don’t allow salespeople on-site. Didn’t you see the sign that said ‘no soliciting’ on the gate where you walked in?”

“I’m sorry, sir, there is no soliciting on this premises. Please turn around and leave, or I’ll have to call security.”

“How did you end up in here? There’s no soliciting on this premises, buddy. Get out of here before we have you arrested for trespassing.”

“There will be no soliciting of bribes in my cabinet. If I get a whiff of corruption, I’m sending you all to the cleaners.”

“There is no need to put a sign up saying ‘no solicitors’ at the gate. No one ever comes past this side of town anyway.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’re going to have to come with me. I’m placing you under arrest. There’s no soliciting outside of designated areas, and we’re going to have to charge you with prostitution.”


The expression “no soliciting” is an English term used in Great Britain to prevent loitering and prostitution. Solicitation is a punishable offense in England under the Street Offences Act of 1959. It’s common for people to confuse the term with a “solicitor,” which is the name of a lawyer in the English vernacular.

In the US, “solicitation” is a crime defining an offense where a person offers money or conspires with another with the intent that the person they solicit commit the said crime.

For example, for a solicitation conviction under Federal law, the prosecution must prove the defendant had the intent for another person to engage in conduct constituting a felony. The defendant must have induced, commanded, or persuaded the other person to commit the said felony.”

Phrases Similar to No Soliciting

  • No begging.
  • No salespeople.
  • No lawyers.
  • No prostitution.

Phrases Opposite to No Soliciting

  • Solicitors welcome.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • No soliciting.

Ways People May Say No Soliciting Incorrectly

Some people may associate “no soliciting” with no soliciting of prostitution in the area. While this would be technically correct, it’s not the more common use of the expression. No soliciting can also be a sign at hospitals referring to lawyers being unable to visit or communicate with patients on-site.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase No Soliciting

You can use the phrase “no soliciting” to chase salespeople away from your home or business. Salespeople are well-known for being pushy and adventurous. To them, selling is a numbers game, and the best salespeople aren’t afraid to knock on the doors of people you don’t know.

Do you have a problem with door-to-door salespeople interrupting the peace and quiet of your home? Put a “no soliciting” sign on your driveway in a place where people can see it. If anyone knocks on your door, you can direct them to the sign. The same goes for retail business locations and any other establishment, like a restaurant or hotel, when soliciting may occur on site.

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