VoHiYo – Meaning, Origin and Usage

A weeb or Weeaboo is a derisive term for someone who isn't Japanese but is 'obsessed' with Japanese culture. If you are a self-proclaimed weeb or just enjoy talking about anime on Twitch, you'll need to be familiar with the emote VoHiYo, intended initially as a way for people to say hello. Over time, with […]

UwU – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for the perfect way to tell someone that they — or something they said, or a picture they posted — are really, terribly, unbearably, cute? Do you need a shortcut to show others that you mean whatever you just said in a cute way? "UwU" could be the perfect "word" choice for […]

Struggle Bus – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Hanging out with teenagers will teach you a lot of different Internet slang terms that you did not know before. The phrase “struggle bus” has become especially common in the past few years in a teenager’s lexicon. But what does this phrase really mean? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of the expression. Meaning […]