Sugondese – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you tired of your friend teasing you or trying to goad you into a specific reaction? Maybe you just want to hurl a generally harmless insult at someone without being overly vulgar, if so, then sugondese is an apt phrase that may come in handy.

For those looking for a juvenile way to joke with their friends or just a witty comeback that will work in a pinch, this phrase may help.

To find out more about this phrase and how it came about, keep on reading. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The phrase sugondese is another way to say, “suck on these.” The term is clearly derogatory and typically used by men when communicating with other men to say, “hell no” or “get lost!” The phrase is meant to take quick jabs at other people, especially peers, as this is where the joke remains somewhat appropriate. The younger crowd that uses slang will surely pick this one up and use it regularly.

This term is also confused with a group belonging to a small county, “Sugondese.” It is part of the internal joke that is used in a very childish way to trick someone into saying suck on what? And in turn, the answer would be my balls, referring to his testicles. There have even been pretend country flags made in the shape of two balls on the flag to push the joke even further. When someone says, “Do you want to sugondese?” The typical response to this is to ask, “what?”, which is then followed by, “these balls”.

The use of this word is usually in a derogatory sense as the following context almost always ends in “these balls,” referring to the male genitals. This type of slang is generally used as an insult or a quick and direct way of letting someone know that the answer is no! More information can be found in the video (here).

Example Usage

“Hey, you want to sugondese?”

“Do you guys want to come over after school and sugondese?”

“Hey, I have a better idea; why don’t you sugondese?”

“If you guys want to have a good time, you can sugondese!”

“Instead of eating all the time and getting fat, you can sugondese nuts!”


The origin of the phrase sugondese is difficult to claim precisely. But a popular YouTuber named Dolan Dark tricked another YouTuber named Pewdiepie into asking what sugondese meant by falling for the now obvious trap. Since then, the saying became popular and was heard in every high school gymnasium and in every college dorm room.

After the initial exposure to the joke, it went viral, sending Dolans YouTube views from the thousands into the millions almost overnight. The clever pun is easy to use and can be joked about with friends in all languages but originated here in the United States.

Phrases Similar to Sugondese

  • Ligma
  • Sugma
  • Hava
  • Saw con
  • Slapma
  • Grabma

Phrases Opposite to Sugondese

  • Hands off the balls.
  • Get off me.
  • Get bent.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Sugondese – Suck on these.

Ways People May Incorrectly Say Sugondese

You may find it strange, but there is no exact way to say this phrase incorrectly, but it can be misused in different ways, such as:

  • Sugondese is a great way to start your day, don’t you agree?
  • My favorite time of the year is the anniversary of sugondese.
  • Sugondese is a great country to visit in the summertime.
  • Hey Tom, have you ever tried sugondese before today?

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Sugondese

  • Hey Rick, have you ever tried to sugondese?
  • Have you ever been to sugondese before?
  • Carla, why don’t you come over here and sugondese….
  • Why don’t you take a turn and sugondese?
  • I’m tired of your BS, so just sugondese and leave me the hell alone!
  • Hey Jimmy, do you know where sugondese is? No? It’s these nuts!

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