PPU – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Has a seller listed an item as PPU on your favorite classified site? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The acronym ‘PPU’ stands for ‘Pending Pick Up.’ It’s a newer term found in product listings and descriptions. Many people confuse it with ‘Please Pick Up,’ which means that the buyer must arrange transportation of the goods to their location.

‘PPU’ or ‘Pending Pick Up’ has a different meaning to ‘Please Pick Up.’ PPU as ‘Pending Pick Up’ means that the product you’re interested in buying is already sold and awaiting collection by the new owner. Websites will use this term when they want to keep their listing up, but they have no immediate inventory to sell to customers.

It’s a similar to ‘on-hold’ or ‘reserved.’ It’s a common acronym found on classified sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, where payment gateways don’t mediate sales.

Example Usage

“This product is PPU. Please don’t make payment on it as it’s already sold and awaiting collection. We’ll notify you when it’s back in stock.”

“This item is reserved on PPU. We have yet to receive payment, and if the buyer doesn’t show up, we’ll relist it for sale.”

“Unfortunately, this item is PPU and reserved for sale. We have no stock at the moment, but add your email address to our mailing list, and we’ll notify you when new stock is available.”

“This listing is currently ‘PPU.’ Please make your final payment before the close of business today to secure your item and arrange the shipping.”

“Our stock is sold out, and the few items we have left are under ‘PPU.’ We’re going out of business, and we won’t be getting any new stock.”

“This car is available ‘PPU’ in Santa Monica. The owner can arrange transportation to your state, but at your expense. Please call for more information.”


The acronym ‘PPU’ originates from classified listings. It’s a recent acronym, appearing in the last five years. The first use of the abbreviation in product listings on classifieds websites appeared in 2018, with the Urban Dictionary defining the acronym as ‘pending pick up.’

‘PPU’ was used earlier than 2018 but had slightly different wording, meaning ‘Please Pick up.’ While it’s still in use today, most people assume it stands for the modern use of the term ‘Pending Pick Up.’ It’s more common for sellers to write out ‘Please Pick Up’ than use the acronym PPU in the listing.

Phrases Similar to PPU

  • Collect from owner.

Phrases Opposite to PPU

  • Delivery included.
  • Free shipping.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • PPU.
  • Please Pick Up.
  • Pending Pick Up.

Ways People May Say PPU Incorrectly

The most common use of ‘PPU’ is to abbreviate ‘pending pick up.’ However, the acronym has several other meanings, including ‘please pick up,’ which was an early iteration of the term. However, ‘Pending Pick Up’ means the item is sold and awaiting collection.

Computer hardware enthusiasts may read it as a “physics processing unit,” a processor handling advanced physics-related processes in computing. ‘PPU’ can also refer to ‘Picture Processing Unit’ found inside an NES console.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase PPU

You can use the acronym ‘PPU’ when posting classified ads on sites like Craigslist. You’re using it to tell the buyer they need to collect the goods from you. People will use this expression in the listing to let them know it’s a local listing and is only available to people in the local area. There is no shipping on the item, so you can’t order it if you live too far away from the seller.

You’ll enter ‘PPU’ at the end of the description, where it’s visible to buyers. Most classified platforms ask you to enter your price and terms when completing your listing. Some sites may have a dedicated field for delivery terms, while others may require you to add it to the end of the description.

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