SZN – Meaning, Origin and Usage

When you head outside and notice that the temperature has risen a lot, you know that summer has arrived. Or maybe even later when coffee shops add the famous Pumpkin-Spice flavor to their menus. In these scenarios, using the shorthand word “szn” is great to refer to both instances and others similar to it. To better understand this phrase, we will discuss the meanings, origins, and uses of “szn”. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The shorthand word “SZN” is a quick way of saying “season”. The abbreviation is most often used in text and online messaging. Most of the time it will refer to the actual seasons of the year, like spring, or fall. But it is also common to use it for trends like “football szn” or astrological periods such as “scorpio szn”. It tends to vary from person to person.

SZN is one of the phrases that is simply used as a shorter way of writing an actual word, so you can use it for almost any occasion. However, it seems to be almost exclusively used to refer to seasons of the year or a timed event such as “spooky szn” (Halloween). So don’t use it when referring to spicing your food with paprika.

Additionally, it is sometimes used when referring to TV show seasons. If a new season of a show is released, one might communicate that “szn 3” of the show was really good. Or really bad depending on the context.

Example Usage

  • It’s spooky szn! That means scary memes!
  • Football szn just started. Who are you rooting for this year?
  • You need to watch szn 4 of Stranger Things. It’s sooooo good!
  • I hate spring szn. My allergies always kick in.
  • May is known as “Tourus szn”. Be careful.


Like many other shorthand phrases, the exact origins of SZN are unknown. It is also a fairly new phrase with it first gaining popularity in 2015, and then being used a lot more commonly in 2019. It is also used consistently on TikTok to describe different trends that might reoccur. You can find some usage of the shorthand szn in earlier online messaging platforms like myspace, but it is limited and never really caught on.

Phrases Similar to SZN

  • prolly – Shorthand for “probably”.
    • It prolly won’t even work.
  • plz – Shorthand for “please”.
    • Can you plz get some chips for me?
  • k – Shorthand for “okay”.
    • Be sure to feed the dog before leaving, k?

Phrases opposite to SZN

  • There aren’t really any phrases one could consider to be the opposite to SZN being that it is shorthand for a normal word.

What is The Correct Saying?

  • SZN: see – zun

Ways People May Incorrectly Say SZN

SZN is a fairly simple phrase to use since it is shorthand for a single word. The way one might incorrectly use SZN is using it as a verb, when it is actually a noun.

For example, “did you szn the potatoes?” is incorrect since SZN is used as a verb (to season the food). Keep this simple rule in mind and you should have no problem with “szn”.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase SZN

  • When referring to a time of the year that has specific events, using “szn” is good to quickly talk about what you are referring to.
  • You can also use “szn” to refer to trends like “pumpkin-spice szn” or “sundress szn” that tend to occur consistently throughout the year.
  • Overall, you can use “szn” just as a fast way to type out “season”. Context typically doesn’t really matter as most people will understand what you are saying.
  • What szn is sweater weather really referring to?
  • I hate this szn, its too hot for long sleeves, but too wet for shorts!

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