TFTI – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Did your mates "forget" to invite you to a party or get-together, only to blast the fun they had without you all over social media?

If you wanted to make it clear that you're a little hurt, and you'd like to be petty about it, you could tell them "TFTI". Find out more about the meaning and history of this abbreviation in this post.


"TFTI" (also used in lowercase letters; "tfti") is an abbreviation almost exclusively used online. It stands for "thanks for the invite".

In the vast majority of cases, TFTI is used sarcastically by people expressing their displeasure with the fact that they were not, in fact, invited to a particular social event. Using TFTI is, in other words, a great way to be passive aggressive on the internet.

Example Usage

Are you wondering how TFTI, which stands for "thanks for the invite", is used in practice? These examples will lead the way for you:

  • (Commenting on Instagram pictures of a fun party that you didn't know about and weren't invited to:) Wow, TFTI!
  • (A friend mentions that he and another friend went to a bar last night.) TFTI.
  • Wow, skydiving? That sounds awesome. TFTI!
  • (Someone from your yoga class invites you to their birthday party.) TFTI, I'll be there!


Many of the abbreviations that have become part of our everyday language on the internet arose in the early 2000s, with some even making an appearance well before the turn of the millennium. TFTI, as an abbreviation of the phrase "thanks for the invite" that is almost only used sarcastically, is a fairly new kid on the block.

While it is not clear when and how TFTI arose, the first Urban Dictionary entry on the topic was made in 2010, and TFTI appears to have become popular at around this time. The rise of TFTI is likely related to the fact that many people now broadcast all the social events they attend on various social media platforms, often by posting photos. This enables those who would have liked to have been there to see that the event took place, thus allowing them to publicly mope about the fact that they weren't.

TFTI can also be used to actually — and sincerely — thank someone for an invite. In these cases, the person using the abbreviation usually follows TFTI up by saying they will not be able to attend.

Phrases Similar to TFTI

TFTI, as an abbreviation that means "thanks for the invite" used in a sarcastic manner, serves a unique purpose — which is likely why it spread so quickly in the first place. Those who do not know about the abbreviation TFTI would have to use longer phrases, such as:

  • Gee, thanks for thinking of me.
  • Wow, it really sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Alternative Meaning

Very rarely, people may also use the abbreviation "TFTI" to mean "thanks for the info", instead.

What Is the Correct Saying?

"Thanks for the invite" is correctly abbreviated to "TFTI". People who do not feel like using capital letters can say "tfti" as well.

Ways People May Say TFTI Incorrectly

After learning that TFTI means "thanks for the invite", some people may begin using the abbreviation sincerely — to thank someone for inviting them to a party or other social event. Because TFTI has become very ingrained in internet culture as a sarcastic abbreviation, this is dangerous. Someone might wonder why you are using TFTI if they have, in fact, invited you to an event. It is safest to only use TFTI if you are intending to be sarcastic.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase TFTI

You can use the abbreviation TFTI (thanks for the invite) to be passive aggressive about the fact that your friends or relatives had fun without you and then posted about it on social media. If you would like to be extra dramatic, you could choose to elaborate, especially by saying "I guess you just forgot that I exist" or something similar.


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