Two Fingers Touching Emoji – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to tell someone on TikTok or Twitter that you are feeling shy? You could try using the "two fingers touching" emoji sequence. This post takes a closer look at the meaning and origin of this set of emojis, and explains how to use two fingers touching emojis.


This set of emojis is often described as the "two fingers touching emoji", and can also be called the "two hands pointing at each other emoji", and is most commonly used on TikTok and Twitter, although it seems to be spreading to other platforms as well.

It is, in fact, made up of two separate emojis. The first is the "point_right" hand, in which the pointer finger appears on the right side. The second is the "point_left" hand, in which the pointer finger appears on the left side.

When use in a sequence, the result is a set of pointer fingers that almost touch each other, with the corresponding hands residing on the edges of the sequences of emojis.

The "two fingers touching" emoji combination means shyness, timidity, or hesitation. The set of emojis is meant to mimic the way in which someone might twiddle their fingers while nervous.

​Example Usage

Contexts in which the two fingers touching emoji sequence may be used include any in which the user is feeling (slightly) shy or embarrassed. The two fingers touching emoji can be used right after the text, right before, or anywhere within the text:

  • "So, I got on the wrong bus again and I missed my geography test this morning. Sorry mommy!"
  • "I was wondering if you'd like to go to prom with me?"
  • "Can we base together in Minecraft? uwu"
  • "My crush just invited me on a date!"

Given that the two fingers touching emoji set is used in informal online contexts, capitalization and punctuation are completely optional. A "teary-eyed" emoji is also often added to add to the effect of feeling shy.


The two fingers touching emoji combines two separate emojis — hands pointing, respectively, right and left. These emojis have been a part of the Unicode emoji list since the year 2011, when they also became available for iPhone.

They did not, however, become popular with the meaning "shy" or "embarrassed" until 2020.

This use of the two fingers touching emoji sequences seeped into internet culture over time. Twitter user @Kazify asked when the two fingers touching emojis meant in March 2020, to which @Keeoh responded that it meant "hey, would you be OK if I put my Minecraft bed next to yours?"

Shortly after, the two fingers touching emoji exploded on TikTok and Twitter, and it's even been performed as a dance on TikTok.

Similar Ways to Express What the Two Fingers Touching Emoji Does

You could also:

  • Use the blushing emoji.
  • Use the letters "uwu", which represent a cute face.

Emojis with Opposite Meanings to the Two Fingers Touching Emoji

Some have used the opposite emoji sequence to indicate that they are feeling bold and confident.

In this version, the "point_left" hand comes first, and the "point_right" hand follows. In this emoji sequence, the fingers point outward, while the hands form the center.

What Is the Correct Emoji?

The two fingers touching emoji sequence, meaning "feeling shy" or "feeling embarrassed".

​Ways People May Use Two Fingers Touching Emoji Incorrectly

The two fingers touching emoji combination is quickly gaining popularity, but not everyone is familiar with it. It is best to use this set of emojis on a platform where it is well-known. Sending one to your grandparents might result in a lot of questions.

​Acceptable Ways to Use the Two Fingers Touching Emoji

You can use the two fingers touching emoji set if you're feeling shy about wanting to talk to a crush, or if you are trying to let someone you are romantically interested in know that you are shy. Adding a teary-eyed emoji can amplify the effect.

You could also use the two fingers touching emoji to ask for something, like a gift. Because you're a bit embarrassed, you add the emojis. For extra impact, include the praying hands emoji as well.


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