65+ Adjectives That Start With E (with Example Usage)

Whether you are looking for adjectives that start with the letter E to increase your vocabulary or to fit into an alliteration, you are in luck. E is the most frequently-used letter in the English language, and fortunately, there are plenty of adjectives that begin with this letter, too. Use this list to add precision to your message, or to make your story come to life.

Adjectives that start with E

Easy — Effortless, convenient, not difficult.

Eclectic — Diverse, unusual, a mix of ideas.

Economic — Frugal, pertaining to the economy.

Edible — Safe to consume.

Edited — Text changed to make improvements.

Eerie — Creepy, frightening, mysterious.

Effective — Achieves the desired goal.

Efficient — Methodical, maximizes productivity.

Effortless — Easy, simple.

Egalitarian — Believing in equality.

Egregious — Terrible, dreadful.

Elaborate — Detailed, complex, comprehensive.

Elastic — Stretchy, flexible, springy.

Elective — Optional, by choice.

Electric — Powered by electricity; captivating, magnetizing.

Electronic — Pertaining to electronics such as computers.

Elevated — Raised, lifted, at a height.

Eligible — Qualifying for a requirement.

Elusive — Evasive, hard to find.

Embalmed — Conserved, preserved, stored.

Emboldened — Having gained confidence.

Empty — Devoid of content.

Endangered — Rare, in danger of extinction.

Endemic — Common in a particular location.

Endless — Ongoing, without end.

Enduring — Long-lasting, established, permanent.

Enforceable — Can be enforced in practice.

Engaged — On task, busy; alternatively betrothed.

Enigmatic — Mysterious, puzzling, hiding something.

Enormous — Very large, vast, giant.

Enraged — Angry, upset, filled with rage.

Enterprising — Entrepreneurial, innovative, creative.

Entrapped — Captured, caught.

Envious — Jealous, covetous.

Equal — Similar, the same value.

Equitable — Fair or just.

Esoteric — Bizarre, only understood by select people.

Essential — Critical, key, important, needed.

Established — Seasoned, experienced.

Eternal — Lasting, enduring, forever.

Evaporated — Moisture loss through vapor.

Evasive — Avoidant, circumventing.

Eventful — Turbulent, bringing change, exciting.

Evident — Obvious, clear, apparent.

Evil — Vile, wicked, bad.

Evolved — Developed, matured.

Exact — Precise, particular.

Exaggerated — Inflated, overblown, or excessive.

Exceptional — Extraordinary, rare, outside the norm.

Excessive — Too much, in abundance.

Exclusive — Select, rare, hard to obtain.

Excruciating — Terribly painful.

Exemplary — Good, admirable, held up as an example.

Exhausting — Tiresome, causing fatigue.

Exhaustive — Complete, thorough, all-encompassing.

Exotic — Hailing from far away; rare.

Expandable — Something that can expand.

Expansive — Covering a vast area.

Expected — Predicted, anticipated.

Expendable — Insignificant, replaceable.

Expensive — Costly, with a high price.

Experimental — Novel, with uncertain results.

Expired — No longer valid or safe to consume.

Exploitative — Takes advantage of weak or gullible people.

Exploratory — With the purpose of exploring.

Explosive — Liable to explode; dramatic and shocking.

Exposed — In contact with the elements, revealed.

Extensive — Comprehensive, thorough, complete.

Extravagant — Excessively luxurious, over the top.

Extreme — Radical, drastic.

Exuberant — Radiating, energetic, cheerful.

Adjectives that start with E to describe a person

Elegant — Stylish and graceful.

Emotional — Feeling deeply, passionate.

Emotive — Comfortable expressing emotions freely.

Empowering — Inspires confidence.

Egocentric — Selfish, narcissistic, arrogant.

Esteemed — Respected, distinguished, admired.

Extraordinary — Exceptional, excellent, unusual.

Elected — Voted into a position of authority.

Elderly — Aged, senior citizen.

Eccentric — Unusual, unique, strange.

Edgy — Cool, modern, a little reckless.

Embarrassed — Ashamed, uncomfortable.

Entrepreneurial — Enterprising, full of business ideas.

Emotionless — Devoid of emotion or the expression thereof.

Ethical — Carefully considers right and wrong.

Erudite — Truthful, open, candid.

Energetic — Full of energy.

Educated — Informed, knowledgeable, intellectual.

Eloquent — Articulated, well-spoken.

Empathetic — Caring, feeling with others.

Easy-going — Relaxed, casual.

Erratic — Unpredictable, flaky.

Exalted — Revered, admired.

Expressive — Well-spoken, chatty.

Positive adjectives that start with E

Excellent — Very good, wonderful, great.

Epic — Grandiose, heroic, glorious.

Exhilarating — Thrilling, exciting, rousing.

Exciting — Thrilling, invigorating.

Enjoyable — Pleasant, fun, nice.

Exquisite — Gorgeous, refined, wonderful.

Encouraging — Supportive, giving hope and confidence.

Euphoric — Delighted, overjoyed.

Ecstatic — Extremely happy, delighted.

Enthusiastic — Keen, eager, proactive.

Experienced — Seasoned, skilled, masterful.

Enlightened — Knowledgeable, cultured, educated.

Earnest — Serious, sincere.

Enticing — Alluring, appealing.

Expert — Masterful, experienced, knowledgeable.

Enthusiastic — Eager to get started with a task.

Elite — Superior, the best.

Extra — More, additional.

Example sentences with E adjectives

  1. My energetic friend loves running marathons and even got a medal last time she competed!
  2. This game is fun and completely free to install — if you get it now you will even get some epic characters for free!
  3. The exhilarating roller coaster was much faster and scarier than I expected, but it was still fun.
  4. I was so nervous about my audition, but my encouraging friend gave me the confidence I needed to do my best.
  5. Eerie caves may be scary to some people, but others love to explore them.
  6. The expert witness testified to say that he believed the accused had planned the attack months in advance.
  7. This exquisite watch, which features nine diamonds, can be yours for just $35,000.
  8. The star ship's exploratory mission ultimately ended in total disaster; nine crew mates were killed.
  9. It had been an exciting summer for the Jones family; first they went on vacation, and then they brought a new kitten home.
  10. Dave had always been eloquent child, but his parents were extremely proud of him when he won the debate competition.
  11. Expired milk tastes rather bad and should be thrown in the trash.

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