60+ Adjectives That Start With F (with Example Usage)

Has your search for fresh, fantastic, fitting, and flawless adjectives that start with the letter F proven to be fruitless so far? Our giant list of adjectives that begin with F will help you say what you want to in no time, whether you're hoping to describe an object, place, or person, and no matter what feeling you need to convey.

Adjectives that start with F

Factual — Based in fact, correct.

Failed — Unsuccessful, lost.

Fake — Artificial, false, deceptive.

Fallible — With the ability to fail.

False — Incorrect, wrong, insincere.

Famished — Starving, very hungry.

Far — Distant, out of the way.

Far-fetched — Implausible, difficult to believe.

Farcical — Ludicrous, preposterous, absurd.

Fascinating — Interesting, curious, unexpected.

Fast — Quick, rapid.

Fatal — Deadly, lethal.

Faulty — Broken, defective.

Favorable — Desired, good.

Feared — Induces dread in others.

Ferocious — Violent, aggressive, or feral.

Fervent — Strong, passionate, intense.

Few — Not many, a small number.

Fewer — Less than, a lower number.

Filthy — Extremely dirty.

Final — Last, concluding.

Firm — Hard, solid; definite.

First — Number one.

Fishy — Smells of fish; suspicious.

Fitting — Appropriate, suitable.

Fixed — Repaired, secure, permanent.

Flabby — Fat, squishy.

Flammable — Easily set alight.

Flashy — Showy, garish.

Flat — Without height fluctuations.

Flavored — With added taste.

Flawed — Defective, imperfect.

Flexible — Agile, bendy, pliable.

Flimsy — Weak, poorly constructed.

Foiled — Thwarted, prevented from completing.

Forbidding — Prohibitive, unwelcoming.

Fortified — Defended; extra minerals added.

Foul — Bad, disgusting, stinky.

Foxy — Attractive; deceitful.

Fragile — Breakable, delicate.

Free — At liberty; no charge.

Frenzied — Uncontrolled, desperate.

Frequent — Often, routinely.

Fresh — Recently produced, novel.

Frightened — Scared, terrified, spooked.

Frosty — Cold, frozen.

Fruitless — Unsuccessful, failed.

Full — Filled; satiated.

Fun — Enjoyable, pleasant, recreational.

Functional — In good working order.

Fundamental — Important, essential.

Furious — Angry, enraged, mad.

Furry — Possesses fur.

Furtive — Secret, covert, hidden.

Futile — Pointless, not worth pursuing.

Futuristic — Having future-like qualities.

Adjectives that start with F to describe a person

Fair — Just, upright, ethical.

Fair-skinned — With pale skin.

Fallen — Deceased, defeated.

Familiar — Known, have met before.

Famous — Well-known.

Fanatical — Zealous, with extreme beliefs.

Fashionable — Stylish, trendy.

Fat — Overweight, obese.

Fatigued — Tired, exhausted.

Feeble — Weak, frail, ailing.

Female — Woman, girl.

Fetching — Attractive, handsome.

Fictional — Made up, imagined.

Fidgety — Nervous, twitchy, jittery.

Fierce — Strong, powerful, driven.

Fit — Athletic, in good physical condition.

Flaky — Disorganized, forgetful, not serious.

Flamboyant — Loud, ostentatious.

Flirtatious — Teasing, romantically suggestive.

Foolish — Silly, unintelligent.

Forceful — Aggressive, domineering.

Foreign — From another country.

Former — Past, previous, preceding.

Formidable — Impressive, force to be reckoned with.

Forthright — Honest, direct, blunt.

Frail — Weak or ailing.

Frank — Honest, candid, open, direct.

Frantic — Anxious, hysterical, worried.

Freckled — Possesses freckles.

Friendly — Kind, pleasant, amicable.

Frowning — Making a frown; concerned or unhappy.

Frustrated — Irritated, dissatisfied, annoyed.

Funny — Humorous, comical, laughter-inducing.

Positive adjectives that start with F

Fabulous — Brilliant, awesome, fantastic.

Faithful — Loyal, devoted.

Fancy — Extravagant, ornate, glitzy.

Fantastic — Wonderful, great, superb.

Favorite — Preferred, chosen, selected.

Fearless — Without fear, brave.

Feasible — Possible, can be achieved.

Festive — Celebratory, related to parties.

Fine — Good, of high-quality.

First-class — High-quality, the best.

Flattering — Fitting or suitable; admiring.

Flawless — Free from flaws, perfect.

Flowering — Plant that possesses flowers.

Fond — Feeling affectionate toward someone or something.

Fortunate — Lucky, auspicious.

Fragrant — With a wonderful smell, aromatic.

Fraternal — With brotherly qualities.

Example sentences with F adjectives

  1. The fearless general fought bravely, even after leaving his fallen soldiers behind.
  2. The former president continued to make a difference through his work with a charitable foundation.
  3. Going back to my childhood home brought back a lot of fond
  4. People who fall for conspiracy theories develop far-fetched ideas about the world.
  5. I was looking forwarded to gardening, but my flimsy shears were simply not good enough for the job at hand.
  6. A festive atmosphere engulfed the entire town as everyone prepared for Christmas celebrations.
  7. Flavoredwater is a tasty and refreshing drink, especially in the summer.
  8. Neil Armstrong will always be remembered as the first person to ever set foot on the moon.
  9. Some fictional characters feel like real people.
  10. She was a formidable lady; a force to be reckoned with.
  11. Flowering vines can bring a lot of life and color to your garden.
  12. Despite the fact that the foreign student did not speak much English when he arrived, he quickly found his way and earned excellent grades.
  13. I know that you have an exceptionally friendly cat, but does he always have to sit on my lap when I visit your home?
  14. Diana is a frequent customer at the pet shop, where she usually buys dog food and bird seeds.
  15. "Do you have any final words?", the executioner asked the condemned before meeting his grim end.
  16. We are proud to report that we now have a functional prototype, but we add that cosmetic changes have to be made before it can hit the market.
  17. My furry cat won't stop shedding hairs everywhere.
  18. As soon as the child noticed that her favorite stuffed animal was missing, she began a frantic
  19. Everybody loves my flashy

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