50+ Adjectives That Start With G (with Example Usage)

Using great, gripping, glorious, and glitzy adjectives, your writing will come to life in no time. Are you looking for more? Use this giant list of adjectives that start with G as your inspiration, and you'll be able to get your message across in exactly the way you want to.

Adjectives that start with G

Gassy — Experiencing flatulence.

Gaudy — Flashy, showy, extravagant, camp.

Gelatinous — Made with gelatin; soft.

General — Global, lacking detail, widespread.

Generic — Unbranded, lacking distinctive qualities.

Genocidal — Pertaining to genocide.

Geometric — Lines and angles.

Ghastly — Inducing fear or terror.

Ghostly — With a ghost-like quality.

Ghoulish — Fiendish, demon-like.

Giant — Enormous, extra large.

Gilded — Pertaining to wealth or metal.

Ginger — Red in color.

Given — A particular item.

Glacial — Frozen, extremely cold.

Glaring — Blatant, conspicuous, obvious.

Gliding — Engaged in a smooth, progressive movement.

Glittering — Shiny, sparkling.

Glitzy — Showy, garish, colorful, bright.

Global — Pertaining to the entire world or organization.

Gloomy — Dark; depressing.

Glowing — Bright, illuminated.

Glued — Stuck together with adhesive.

Golden — Made of gold or with that color.

Goopy — Squishy, soft, dripping.

Gory — Related to horror, bloody.

Governmental — Pertaining to the government.

Gradual — Slow, even, controlled.

Grand — Of a large scale.

Graphic — Visually striking.

Grassy — Covered in grass.

Gratuitous — Free or charge; unnecessary.

Grave — Serious, solemn, grim.

Gray — Colored a mix of black and white.

Greasy — Fatty, oily.

Great — Large, big; wonderful, superb.

Grilled — Prepared on a grill.

Grim — Dark, gloomy, pessimistic.

Griping — Disgruntled or unsatisfied.

Gripping — Fascinating, enthralling, exciting.

Groggy — Confused, dizzy, lethargic, fatigued.

Gross — Disgusting; income before tax.

Grotesque — Repulsive, horrendous, disgusting.

Grotty — Unpleasant, poor quality, in disarray.

Gruesome — Horrible, gory.

Guaranteed — Promised, with a predetermined outcome.

Gushing — Flowing, forthcoming.

Gymnastic — Athletic, sporty.

Adjectives that start with G to describe a person

Gay — Homosexual; happy and joyous.

Genial — Friendly, sociable, amicable.

Gentle — Kind, caring, loving.

Giddy — Happy, silly, excited.

Gifted — Intelligent, smart, talented.

Giggly — Prone to outbursts of laughter.

Girly — With girl-like feminine qualities.

Gleeful — Happy, merry, loud.

Glossy — Shiny and smooth.

Gluttonous — Giving into desire or temptation.

Gobby — Talkative, verbose, chatty.

Good — Satisfactory, high-quality, desirable, virtuous.

Goofy — Silly in a fun way.

Gorgeous — Attractive, beautiful, exquisite.

Gossipy — Chatty, spreads rumors.

Graceful — Elegant, beautiful.

Gracious — Courteous, polite.

Greedy — Excessive desire (for wealth, food, etc).

Gregarious — Social, amicable.

Grieving — Mourning a loss.

Gritty — Determined, resolute, resilient.

Groaning — Complaining, annoying; in pain.

Grumpy — Irritable, bad-tempered.

Guarded — Reserved, shy, untrusting.

Guilty — Culpable or responsible.

Gullible — Liable to fall for deception.

Gusty — Daring, courageous, risk-taking.

Gutless — Cowardly, lacking courage.

Positive adjectives that start with G

Gastronomic — Culinary, related to cooking.

Genuine — Honest, sincere.

Glad — Happy, pleased, delighted.

Gleaming — Glittering, sparkling, very clean.

Glorious — Magnificent, majestic, full of beauty or pleasure.

Godly — Devout; divine.

Grandiose — Magnificent, splendid.

Grateful — Thankful, showing appreciation.

Gratifying — Pleasant, leading to happiness.

Groovy — Awesome, cool.

Groundbreaking — Novel, exciting, innovative.

Example sentences with G adjectives

  1. Grilled cheese sandwiches are easy to make and taste delicious!
  2. Did you know that generic medications usually contain the exact same ingredients as brand-name medications, and that they work just as well?
  3. The scientific team made a groundbreaking discovery earlier this year, and all eyes are now on the next project.
  4. May the Lord shine his glorious light upon you this morning.
  5. Jane has always been a very gullible person, and will easily believe anything you tell her, no matter how illogical it might be.
  6. The grieving father lost two sons in battle.
  7. Thomas has proven to be a rather gifted programmer; he will go on to achieve great things in the future.
  8. Your greedy cat always tries to steal my cheese.
  9. Promise to always handle any given task with care, please.
  10. Jenny hates it when her grumpy boss fails to appreciate her hard work.
  11. Genuine shock could be observed across the circus, as the acrobats carried out amazing tricks.

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