40+ Adjectives That Start With B (with Example Usage)

Are you a little lost fore lost for words, or are you simply keen to expand your vocabulary so that your written and spoken language can become more precise and descriptive? This long list of adjectives that begin with the letter B is bound to give you some inspiration — whether you need to describe a person, place, thing, or idea.

Adjectives that start with B

Bad — Evil, or of poor quality.

Banned — No longer allowed to visit the premises.

Bare — Empty, devoid of content.

Belated — Arriving later than planned.

Beneficial — Desirable, favorable, helpful.

Benign — Harmless, non-cancerous.

Better — Superior, higher quality.

Big — Large, giant, massive.

Bilingual — Speaking two languages.

Bizarre — Unusual, strange, weird.

Bland — Dull, boring, unexciting.

Blaring — Excessively loud.

Blatant — Obvious, noticeable, glaring.

Bleak — Somber, depressing.

Blue — Colored blue or feeling sad.

Blurry — Unclear, faint, indistinct.

Boring — Uninteresting, tedious, dull.

Bouncy — Something that bounces.

Braided — Weaved, twisted, interwoven.

Brazen — Shameless.

Bright — Well-lit; smart.

Brisk — Fast, quick.

Brittle — porous, weak, easily broken.

Broken — Shattered, fragmented, in pieces.

Bruised — Damaged, discolored.

Brutal — Savagely, violent, cruel, aggressive.

Budget — Affordable, cheap.

Bulky — Big, heavy, large.

Adjectives that start with B to describe a person

Bad-tempered — Quick to anger, disagreeable.

Bald — Has no or little hair.

Basic — Plain, Simple, ordinary.

Benevolent — Well-meaning and kind.

Bewitching — Able to attract attention, fascinating.

Biased — Prejudiced, one-sided, partial.

Bighearted — Generous, giving, caring.

Blond — Has light or golden hair.

Bloodthirsty — Evil, murderous, warmongering.

Boisterous — Energetic, cheerful, rowdy.

Bold — Courageous, showy, loud.

Bossy — Domineering, likes to give orders.

Boyish — Stereotypically boy-like, childish.

Brotherly — Caring, as a brother would.

Brunette — Woman with brown hair.

Busy — At work, occupied.

Positive adjectives that start with B

Balanced — At peace, in harmony.

Beaming — Radiant, cheerful, happy.

Beautiful — Attractive, pretty, gorgeous.

Believable — Credible, logical, plausible.

Blazing — Intense, attractive, on fire.

Blessed — In the grace of God.

Blissful — Happy, content, at peace.

Blooming — Flowering, blossoming, sprouting.

Booming — Flourishing, successful, prosperous.

Boundless — Without limits.

Bountiful — Large amount, generous.

Brainy — Clever, intelligent, smart.

Brave — Courageous, fearless, daring.

Brawny — Strong, muscular, tough.

Breathtaking — Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing.

Brilliant — Wonderful, ingenious, smart, intelligent.

Example sentences with B adjectives

  1. Biking to work is a brilliant way to burn some extra calories, and as an extra bonus, you can save some money, too.
  2. America has always been a country of boundless
  3. The banned player had to send in a ban appeal before he could play his favorite game again.
  4. Staying at budget hotels can be a wonderful way to explore the world.
  5. She always dreaded going to Alex's bland birthday parties, but as a good sister, she scraped up the courage to attend anyway.
  6. My boss is a really bad-tempered person; you never know when he is about to go off on you.
  7. My bossy coworker never seems to mind his own business and always tells me that I am lazy, despite the fact that I work much harder.
  8. The strength of the brotherly love that develops among firefighters has always impressed me.
  9. If you want to get fit, it is extremely important to eat a healthy and balanced diet with lots of protein, good fats, and complex carbs.
  10. I noticed his blatant lie as soon as it came out of his mouth, and yet he continued to insist that he was telling the truth.

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