45+ Adjectives That Start With C (with Example Usage)

Are you looking for a list of crazy, cool, colorful, curious, and common adjectives? Use this list to expand your vocabulary, or find the right words for your essay or story. Impress your teacher or boss with precise and vivid word choices, or wean yourself of the habit of using the same boring adjectives over and over again.

Adjectives that start with C

Captivating — Fascinating, gripping, mesmerizing.

Carnivorous — Primarily or exclusively eats meat.

Casual — Spontaneous, by chance, informal.

Challenging — Hard, difficult, testing.

Cheap — Inexpensive, affordable, low in price.

Chic — Elegant, high-class.

Chunky — heavy, fat, chubby.

Clear — Easy to comprehend, lacks ambiguity.

Cliquey — Excluding of others, friend group.

Close — Nearby, in the vicinity.

Close-knit — With a strong connection.

Closed — Shut, not open.

Clunky — bulky, difficult, hefty.

Cognizant — Aware, informed.

Cohesive — A unified whole, harmonious.

Colorful — Has lots of colors.

Comforting — Offering relief, soothing.

Common — Abundant, occurring frequently.

Compatible — Existing in harmony with something else.

Complex — Difficult, elaborate.

Comprehensive — Encompassing all essential elements.

Concerned — Worried, alarmed, fearful.

Concrete — Precise, tangible.

Conservative — Holding traditional values.

Contemporary — Modern, belonging to the current era.

Contrary — Oppositional, disagreeable.

Convenient — Easily accessible, low effort.

Convincing — Persuasive; a strong argument.

Cooperative — Works well with others.

Covert — Hidden, secret.

Cozy — Comforting, intimate.

Creepy — Scary, eerie, terrifying.

Critical — Expressing skepticism about ideas.

Cross — Mad, angry, irritated.

Crucial — Essential, important.

Crude — Rude, offensive, distasteful.

Culinary — Related to cooking.

Curative — Healing, offering a cure.

Adjectives that start with C to describe a person

Calm — Peaceful, gentle, restful.

Careless — Lacks responsibility.

Caring — Kind, empathetic, helpful.

Charismatic — Magnetizing personality.

Chatty — Talks a lot.

Childish — Immature, naive, innocent.

Civilized — Educated, polite, good manners.

Clever — Intelligent, smart.

Clueless — Naive, oblivious, unaware.

Clumsy — Prone to accidents.

Comical — Funny, humorous.

Communicative — Able to hold open and articulate conversations.

Compassionate — Empathetic, kind, and helpful.

Competent — Skilled, proficient.

Competitive — Ambitious, likes to win.

Concise — Brief, short, condensed.

Conscientious — Ethical, considers right and wrong.

Considerate — Thoughtful, considers others' needs.

Cool-headed — Able to stay calm in challenging situations.

Copious — Abundant, plentiful, many.

Cordial — Warm and friendly.

Correct — Accurate, free from errors.

Cranky — Irritable, grumpy.

Crazy — Fun, cool, silly.

Creative — Artistic, innovative, has interesting ideas.

Cultured — Educated, civilized, refined.

Cunning — Deceptive, sly.

Curly — Frizzy, wavy, squiggly.

Positive adjectives that start with C

Candid — Honest, open, frank.

Capable — Competent, possesses the necessary skills.

Cathartic — Emotionally healing, offering closure.

Celebrated — Distinguished, wanted, welcomed.

Celestial — Relating to the heavens.

Charitable — Generous to those in need.

Charming — Delightful, cute, lovely.

Cheerful — Happy, positive, bright.

Cherished — Loved, cared for.

Classy — Elegant, chic, fancy.

Comfortable — Laid back or relaxed; wealthy.

Committed — Determined to meet responsibilities.

Complimentary — Positive, gives compliments and praise.

Composed — Able to remain calm and organized.

Confident — Positive, high self-esteem, optimistic.

Connected — Linked with other parts, unified.

Constructive — Helpful and thoughtful.

Cool — Amazing, awesome; alternatively pleasantly cold.

Courageous — Brave, bold, withstanding risk and challenge.

Courteous — Thoughtful, civilized, polite.

Crafty — Artful, handy, slick.

Cuddly — Snuggly, lovable, fluffy.

Curious — In pursuit of new knowledge.

Cute — Adorable, sweet, lovable.

Example sentences with C adjectives

  1. Constructive criticism plays an important role in the learning process.
  2. My best friend has so many wonderful qualities, but I love the fact that she is always such a cheerful person most about her.
  3. By the time the children finished trick or treating on Halloween, their baskets were filled with copious amounts of tasty candy.
  4. My curious cat rushed to check what was in my bag as soon as I got home, and when he found out that I got him special treats, he immediately ran off with them!
  5. Cheryl throws crazy Christmas parties every year; you really have to admire her for being able to come up with new ideas each time.
  6. The charming houseplant on my desk makes me feel really happy every time I look at it.
  7. My brother does not really enjoy going to museums, but he might enjoy a contemporary art exhibition.
  8. Enjoy the curative power of meditation by following along with this easy online class.
  9. Colorful paintings can make a bland wall look that much more exciting.
  10. We remain in a committed relationship after 20 years.
  11. Did you know that you can easily improve your score by learning how to avoid the most common mistakes?
  12. I was distraught when I couldn't find my cherished teddy bear that I have had my whole life since I was a baby.
  13. This comprehensive guide to houseplant care will help you develop a green thumb.
  14. He wrote a convincing proposal, but we have nonetheless decided to take our business in a different direction.
  15. My competitive sister trains very hard every day so that she can be sure that she wins every game.
  16. Have you tried that classy restaurant that opened last year yet?
  17. We live in an extremely connected world these days; the internet allows you to find anything you need in a matter of seconds.
  18. Our chatty neighbor next door strikes up a conversation whenever we see her.

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