50+ Adjectives That Start With A (with Example Usage)

Adjectives make your writing more colorful and interesting, but no matter how much of a wordsmith you already are, you are bound to get stuck on occasion. This list of adjectives that start with A will come to your rescue if you are learning English, too! Whether you're looking for the right adjective to describe a person, or you'd like to make the world around you come to life with vivid words, always consider your options carefully if you're writing an important message, or if you're penning a story.

Adjectives that start with A

Abject — Downtrodden, poor, or hopeless.

Abnormal — Strange, falling outside of the norm.

Abrasive — Corrosive, destroying matter.

Absolute — Complete, total.

Absorbent — Able to soak up liquids.

Absurd — Bizarre, unfathomable, nonsensical.

Acceptable — Satisfactory, appropriate.

Accurate — Correct and precise.

Achy — Sore, painful, tender.

Acrobatic — Agile and able to perform a range of movements.

Active — Dynamic, moving, undertaking action.

Adaptable — Flexible, open to change.

Affordable — Inexpensive, cheap, within budget.

Aged — Matured, allowed to ripen.

Aggressive — Hostile, competitive, or ambitious.

Aglow — Happy, shining, bright.

Agnostic — Uncertain of belief in God.

Alarming — Frightening, worrisome, or concerning.

Alienated — Feeling isolated and different.

Amber — Yellow or gold colored.

Ambiguous — Unclear, confusing, vague.

Ambivalent — Unsure, undecided, or conflicted.

Ample — Abundant, generous, a lot.

Amusing — Funny, hilarious, comedic.

Ancient — Very old.

Androgynous — Possessing both female and male characteristics.

Anemic — Lacking iron; very pale.

Angry — Mad, enraged, moody.

Any — Whichever, an indefinite quantity.

Appealing — Pleasing (beautiful or tasty), enjoyable.

Appetizing — Delicious, flavorful, and tasty.

Appropriate — Acceptable, proper in the context.

Archaic — Old-fashioned, outdated.

Archetypal — Stereotypical representative of a particular group.

Artificial — Unnatural, fake, false, or synthetic.

Astonishing — Surprising, shocking.

Astounding — Surprising, inspiring, or unusual.

Atrocious — Dreadful, terrible, bad.

Atypical — Departing from the norm, unusual.

Automatic — Taking action by itself.

Awkward — Uncomfortable, embarrassing, or with poor social skills.

Adjectives that start with A to describe a person

Abusive — Cruel, violent, hostile.

Adoring — Loving, affectionate, caring.

Adventurous — Willing to take risks, craves new experiences.

Agile — Flexible, stretchy.

Agreeable — Polite, kind, pleasant to converse with.

Aloof — Unfriendly, unsociable, or slow to trust.

Ambitious — Determined to succeed.

Amiable — Pleasant and friendly.

Angelic — Sweet, innocent.

Angsty — Insecure, stressed, nervous.

Annoying — Irritating, bothersome, gets on your nerves.

Anonymous — Wishing to remain unknown.

Anxious — Worried, nervous, suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Apathetic — Indifferent, detached from feeling.

Ardent — Passionate, strong-willed, fervent.

Arrogant — Narcissistic, inflated sense of self-esteem.

Artistic — Creative and unique.

Assertive — Determined, pushy, demanding.

Athletic — Into fitness and exercise.

Attentive — Pays attention,

Attractive — Beautiful, handsome, appealing, or charming.

Audacious — Bold, reckless, courageous.

Authentic — Reputable, genuine, original.

Average — Common, typical, within the range of normal.

Avid — Enthusiastic, keen, passionate.

Positive adjectives that start with A

Accepting — Forgiving, understanding, considerate.

Acclaimed — Lauded, famous, widely admired.

Admirable — With positive qualities and achievements.

Adorable — Showing great love and admiration.

Affluent — Rich, wealthy.

Altruistic — Generous, kind, giving.

Amazing — Wonderful, very good.

Appreciative — Grateful, glad.

Approving — Supportive, friendly, and agreeable.

Awesome — Amazing, epic, very cool.

Example sentences with A adjectives

  1. Studies have shown that keeping an artificial plant on your desk at work can boost your mood and productivity just as much as any natural plant would.
  2. I have the most adorable cat in the world; she looks so cute when she is sleeping that I just want to smother her in cuddles.
  3. The acclaimed author has recently started a charitable foundation to ensure that impoverished inner-city children will have access to library books.
  4. She was just an average girl; nobody would suspect her of having super strength.
  5. The anonymous whistleblower went to great lengths to keep his identity a secret.
  6. That was a very accurate description of the role that adjectives play in the English language.
  7. She has always been an avid reader; even when she was in preschool, she'd devour book after book like it was nothing.
  8. My neighbor is a terribly arrogant person; he thinks he knows everything and is under the impression that he can do whatever he likes.
  9. An alarming situation arose when the boss suddenly decided that everyone had to do overwork.
  10. If you are willing to shop around, it is not all that hard to find an affordable laptop that also offers excellent performance.
  11. I have always believed that Tetris is an awesome game; I don't care what anyone else thinks about it.
  12. My grandfather was a rather adventurous person who sailed across the globe in his younger years.
  13. Aged wines are the best.
  14. Some irony can be found in the fact that "archaic" is, itself, an archaic
  15. Ancient scrolls were recently discovered in an Egyptian pyramid; they are thought to be the oldest ever found.
  16. My friend lives in a very affluent
  17. She doesn't volunteer for the work experience; she only has an altruistic

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