50+ Adjectives That Start With D (with Example Usage)

Do you want to improve your writing skills, increase your vocabulary, or learn English? Choosing the right adjectives can instantly make your written or spoken messages more refined, precise, interesting, and colorful. This giant list of adjectives that start with D will be a great start — and it's essential if you want to play with alliteration!

Adjectives that start with D

Daft — Crazy, silly.

Dainty — Elegant, beautiful, fragile.

Damaging — Harmful, causing injury or damage.

Dandy — Superb, brilliant, wonderful.

Dangerous — Risky, hazardous.

Dark — Devoid of light.

Dated — Old-fashioned, out of date, aged.

Dazzling — Bright, radiant, shiny.

Deadly — Fatal, liable to cause death.

Deafening — Extremely loud.

Decorative — Adding beauty.

Deep — Extending a distance; low-pitched; meaningful.

Defiant — Oppositional, rebellious.

Dehydrated — Lacking sufficient fluids, very thirsty.

Deliberate — Intentional, on purpose.

Delicate — Intricate, fine, fragile.

Delinquent — Criminal, lawless, antisocial.

Demonic — Evil, relating to demons.

Demure — Timid, shy, reserved.

Dental — Relating to teeth.

Deranged — Mentally unstable, disturbed.

Descriptive — Illustrative, identifying, informative.

Detachable — Removable, able to take apart.

Detailed — Intricate, comprehensive, complex.

Dethroned — Deposed, removed from the throne.

Detrimental — Unfavorable, harmful.

Devastating — Highly destructive, damaging.

Devout — Very religious.

Diabolical — Of the devil, or evil.

Different — Unique, one of a kind, dissimilar.

Difficult — Challenging, complex, hard.

Direct — Honest, candid, frank.

Disastrous — Terrible, devastating, calamitous.

Disconnected — Separate, apart, detached.

Discrete — Private, hidden from view.

Disgusting — Awful, vile, rancid, revolting.

Dismembered — Cut off.

Disposable — Designed to be discarded, thrown away.

Distasteful — Inappropriate, offensive, nasty.

Distinctive — Unique, easily recognizable.

Distracted — Unable to pay attention.

Divided — Not united, apart, opposing sides.

Drab — Boring and devoid of color.

Drastic — Radical, extreme.

Dreadful — Terrible, awful, shocking.

Dreamy — Having a dream-like quality.

Dry — Not wet, lacking humidity.

Dubious — Questionable, doubtful.

Dull — Boring, dreary; not sharp.

Dumb — Unintelligent, stupid.

Durable — High-quality, designed to last.

Adjectives that start with D to describe a person

Daring — Brave, willing to take risks.

Dashing — Stylish, fashionable, or handsome.

Decadent — Craves luxury, opulent.

Deceitful — Prone to lying.

Decent — Solid, good, trustworthy.

Dependable — Reliable, trustworthy.

Desperate — Hopeless, despairing, distraught.

Determined — Ambitious, committed.

Diligent — Industrious, proactive, careful, meticulous.

Diplomatic — Tactful and polite.

Dirty — Filthy, not clean, unwashed.

Discerning — Has excellent taste, thoughtful.

Dishonest — Deceptive, liar.

Disobedient — Does not listen to instructions.

Disorganized — Lacking plans and methods.

Disrespectful — Rude, unpleasant, offensive.

Docile — Servile, obedient, submissive.

Dominant — Powerful, influential, strong.

Domineering — Bossy, authoritarian, demanding.

Dorky — Nerdy, geeky, awkward.

Dramatic — Prone to causing arguments and drama.

Driven — Ambitious, determined, hard-working.

Dutiful — Obedient, compliant.

Positive adjectives that start with D

Decisive — Confident, certain about a choice.

Dedicated — Committed, passionate.

Definite — Certain, unambiguous.

Delectable — Delicious, extremely tasty.

Delicious — Tasty, flavorful.

Delightful — Enjoyable, pleasing, satisfying.

Deserving — Worthy of reward or success.

Desirable — Attractive, popular, in demand.

Destined — Fated, meant to be.

Developed — Civilized, matured.

Devoted — Loving, loyal, faithful, or steadfast.

Dignified — Composed, serious, proper.

Disciplined — Controlled, determined, organized, well-trained.

Diverse — Composed of many distinct and unique parts.

Divine — Heavenly, Godly, or wonderful.

Dope — Cool, epic, awesome.

Dynamic — Innovative, creative, fast-moving.

Example sentences with D adjectives

  1. Desperate times call for desperate
  2. I can't wait until Friday, when I'll be able to enjoy my favorite auntie's delicious
  3. My daughter and her dorky mates will be attending a comic book convention later today.
  4. The disrespectful employee was so rude I decided to leave the shop without buying anything.
  5. The dynamic startup has gained recognition for its achievements in the last year, and continues to make a real difference in the world.
  6. My disobedient dog never does what I tell him to, but I love him anyway.
  7. Vanessa makes beautiful arrangements with delicate
  8. Investing in durable products is bound to lead to savings in the long term; these purchases pay for themselves after a while.
  9. Julia stayed up all night trying to figure out the right answers for her difficult homework assignment.
  10. The dated interior makes the house less appealing to buyers; if you wish to put it on the market, we would suggest that you make some minor improvements first.
  11. We would suggest this desirable l very decent laptop if you're looking for a good-quality budget option.
  12. Drastic budget cuts will have to be made to avoid serious financial challenges.
  13. My dramatic friend always starts arguments about the most ridiculous things.
  14. My boss is a devout Christian who goes to Church three times a week.
  15. This wonderful recipe is deceptively easy to prepare at home in under 30 minutes, making it perfect for those lazy days.
  16. Dark tunnels are often scary, especially if you go through them alone.

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