50+ Adjectives That Start With H (with Example Usage)

Whether you are looking for the right words to add to an essay, you are on a quest to broaden your vocabulary, or you need adjectives to fit into a poem, you sometimes need a little help. This long list of adjectives that begin with the letter H will get you started.

Adjectives that start with H

Haggard — Exhausted, drained, low energy.

Hairless — Lacking hair.

Handy — Convenient, helpful.

Haphazard — Disorganized, random, aimless.

Harassed — Plagued, troubled, bullied, tormented.

Hard — Firm, tough.

Harmful — Hazardous, risky, injurious, unfavorable.

Harrowing — Distressing, excruciating.

Harsh — Extreme, unforgiving,

Hasty — Hurried, eager to finish.

Hated — Despised, disliked, detested.

Hazardous — Risky, posing a hazard.

Hazy — Indistinct, foggy, cloudy.

Hearing — Able to hear.

Hearty — Wholesome, substantial.

Heated — With warmth added.

Heavy — Weighing a lot.

Hefty — Large, significant.

Hegemonic — Powerful, authoritarian.

Heinous — Shocking, evil, wicked.

Hellish — Evil, diabolical, terrible.

Helpless — Lacking the ability to do anything.

Herbal — Made with herbs.

Herculean — Giant, monumental, huge.

Hesitant — Doubtful, indecisive.

Hidden — Secret, covert, obstructed from view.

Hideous — Unsightly, disgusting.

High — At a great height.

Historic — Significant over the course of history.

Homeless — Lacking a permanent residence.

Hopeless — Without hope.

Horizontal — Parallel with the ground.

Horrendous — Terrible, awful.

Horrible — Terrible, distressing, inducing fear.

Horrific — Devastating, terrible, appalling.

Hostile — Aggressive, antagonistic, opposed, combative.

Hot — Very warm.

Huge — Very large, giant, monumental.

Human — A member of the Homo sapiens species.

Humid — Air with a high water content.

Humorless — Without humor.

Hungry — Needing to eat food.

Hunted — Persecuted, being pursued by.

Hurried — In a hurry; rushed.

Hurt — In pain, injured, saddened.

Hurtful — Causing hurt and pain.

Hygienic — Clean, free from bacteria.

Hyperbolic — Exaggerated, overstated.

Hypersensitive — Overly sensitive.

Hypertensive — Has high blood pressure.

Adjectives that start with H to describe a person

Hairy — Has lots of hair.

Hands-on — Proactive, active, participatory.

Handsome — Attractive, physically striking.

Hardened — Seasoned, experienced, veteran.

Haughty — Arrogant, feels superior.

Heartbroken — Grieving, mourning, sorrowful.

Hedonistic — Extravagant, seeking pleasure.

Hilarious — Extremely funny, comical.

Honest — Fair, open, truth-telling.

Honorable — Virtuous, upright.

Honored — Respected, esteemed.

Hormonal — Pertaining to hormones.

Hot-headed — Aggressive, prone to losing one's temper.

Humane — Compassionate, kind, caring, tender.

Humble — Modest, possesses humility.

Humorous — Funny, comical, comical.

Hyperactive — Excessively active, fidgety, talkative.

Hypnotic — Magnetic, attractive, captivating.

Hypocritical — Insincere, deceptive.

Positive adjectives that start with H

Hallowed — Sacred, holy, consecrated.

Happy — Joyous, content, fulfilled.

Hardworking — Diligent, committed, determined.

Harmless — Benign, risk-free.

Harmonious — Peaceful, unified, in agreement.

Healing — Curative, medicinal, therapeutic.

Healthy — In good health; without sickness.

Heartening — Auspicious, encouraging.

Heartwarming — Filling the heart with joy and positivity.

Heavenly — Divine, pleasing, wonderful.

Helpful — Wishing to be of service.

Heroic — Courageous, brave, admired.

Holy — Godly, devout, blessed.

Homely — Cozy, comfortable, simple, plain.

Hopeful — Possessing hope.

Example sentences with H adjectives

  1. I let you off with a warning last time, Sir, but this time I am going to have to give you a hefty
  2. The Browns, who were both fond of starting baseless arguments, somehow managed to enjoy a harmonious
  3. I know that he looks scary to some people, but I promise you that my dog is a harmless
  4. Some video games have hidden bonuses that only the most dedicated players can find.
  5. A healthy dose of skepticism will help you uncover the truth.
  6. Now that Mrs Smith was close to retiring, the hyperactive children in her class made her feel very impatient.
  7. My hairy cat needs to be brushed every day.
  8. Daddy was a hardened criminal who did a few stints at the county jail; thankfully, by the time I became a teenager, he had found religion and transformed into a hardworking
  9. Herbal tea can be a very calming to drink before you go to bed.
  10. Humid air can make you feel even hotter in the summer.
  11. Please take the time to leave an honest review if you'd like; it would really help with my podcast.
  12. The planet's harsh climate made all the colonists feel cold to the bone, even during the milder months.
  13. Heavy metals can cause serious health hazards after long-term exposure.
  14. As a result of your hurtful comments, I feel compelled to block you on social media going forward.
  15. Johnny loves watching hilarious shows with his family every weekend.
  16. The heartbroken widow still couldn't quite believe that her husband was gone.
  17. The hungry fox was happily eyeing the chickens in my yard.

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