60+ Adjectives That Start With I (with Example Usage)

If you are on a quest to find adjectives that start with the letter I, you're in the right place! Choosing your adjectives with care enables you to liven up your writing and ensures that you are precise. Whether you're learning English or hoping to write nicely-flowing text, this list of adjectives that begin with I can help you out.

Adjectives that start with I

Ickle — Tiny, minuscule.

Icky — Disgusting, unpleasant, horrible.

Icy — Frozen, frosty, cold.

Identical — The same.

Idiotic — Stupid, foolish.

Idle — Still, unproductive.

Ignorant — Clueless, uneducated.

Illegal — In breach of the law.

Illicit — Forbidden, law-breaking.

Illiterate — Cannot read.

Illogical — Lacking logic or sense.

Immediate — Right now, without delay.

Immense — Large, huge, monumental.

Immortal — Eternal life, cannot die.

Immutable — Cannot be changed.

Impactful — Having an impact.

Impending — Imminent, upcoming, near.

Implied — Unspoken but suggested, tacit.

Important — Essential, vital, key.

Impossible — Cannot be done.

Improved — Made better.

In-depth — Thorough, comprehensive.

Inanimate — Not alive, lifeless.

Inappropriate — Not suitable.

Incapable — Not able to.

Incessant — Without pause, constant.

Inconceivable — Unbelievable, unimaginable.

Indigenous — Native to a particular location.

Individual — One, a unique specimen.

Inebriated — Drunk, intoxicated.

Inevitable — Bound to occur.

Inexpensive — Cheap, affordable

Inexperienced — Without knowledge or experience.

Inferior — Lesser, lower, mediocre.

Infernal — Pertaining to hell or the underworld.

Informal — Casual, spontaneous.

Infrequent — Rarely, occasionally.

Inhabited — A location with occupants.

Injured — Hurt, in pain.

Inside — Interior, within.

Instant — Immediate, without delay.

Insulting — Rude, hurtful, disrespectful, offensive.

Insurmountable — Impossible to overcome.

Intact — Whole, unbroken.

Integral — Essential, needed.

Intimidating — Daunting, frightening.

Intrepid — Fearless, courageous, brave, adventurous.

Intricate — Complex, consisting of many parts.

Intriguing — Fascinating, interesting, engaging.

Irate — Enraged, furious.

Ironic — Opposite of the expected outcome.

Irrelevant — Not relevant or important.

Irritated — Annoyed, frustrated, angry, exasperated.

Itchy — Causes itching.

Adjectives that start with I to describe a person

Idealistic — Filled with (unrealistic) dreams.

Ill — Sick, unwell, weak.

Illuminating — Brightening; insightful.

Illustrious — Respected, hardworking, distinguished.

Impassioned — Passionate, emotional.

Impolite — Rude, disrespectful.

Impressive — Remarkable, exceptional, great.

Impulsive — Spontaneous, reckless.

Incompetent — Unskilled, amateur, unable.

Indecisive — Uncertain, unable to make decisions.

Individualistic — Unique, distinctive, non-conforming.

Indomitable — Unbeatable, invincible, courageous.

Influential — Holding power and influence.

Innocent — Without guilt, blameless.

Inquisitive — Curious, questioning.

Insecure — Unsure, low self-esteem.

Insolent — Rude, impolite.

Inspirational — Motivating, admired.

Intellectual — Intelligent, educated, thoughtful.

Intelligent — Smart, clever.

Intense — Fierce, loud, attention-seeking.

Intoxicating — Hypnotizing, alluring, attention-catching.

Introspective — Self-aware, examining one's own decisions.

Introverted — Prefers solitude, dislikes socializing.

Inventive — Creative, imaginative, seeks new solutions.

Irrational — Lacking logic and sense, or rationality.

Irresponsible — Reckless, careless.

Positive adjectives that start with I

Iconic — Famous, recognized.

Ideal — Optimal, perfect.

Idyllic — Perfect, blissful, heavenly.

Imaginative — Creative, full of imagination.

Immaculate — Extremely clean.

Impeccable — Flawless, perfect.

Incredible — Wonderful, fantastic, awesome.

Indispensable — Vital, important, key.

Infallible — Cannot fail.

Infinite — Without limits.

Informed — Knowledgeable, educated.

Ingenious — Creative, smart, unusual.

Innovative — Novel, original, creative.

Insightful — Perceptive, knowledgeable.

Intentional — With purpose and care.

Interesting — Fascinating, captivating.

Intimate — Friendly, close, good.

Intuitive — Based on gut feelings.

Invaluable — Beneficial, of great value.

Invigorating — Energizing, exhilarating.

Invincible — Invulnerable, cannot be conquered.

Inviting — Welcoming, appealing, attractive.

Irreplaceable — Needed, cannot be replaced.

Irresistible — Enticing, tempting, desirable.

Example sentences with I adjectives

  1. Imagine what we would be able to do with infinite
  2. I enjoy watching videos with interesting facts, no matter how random the subject matter is.
  3. The funeral was held in an intimate setting; my grandparents only wanted their close friends and relatives to attend.
  4. When he retires, he wants to move to an idyllic cottage in the countryside, where he will be able to potter around in the garden and grow some vegetables.
  5. A tuxedo is inappropriate beach attire; you are advised to wear a bathing suit instead.
  6. The iconic star surprised everyone by releasing a brand new album after 15 years of silence.
  7. I have to admit that I have the irresistible urge to sneak some of my friend's wonderful cheesecake every time I visit her house.
  8. The new app has an intuitive interface that enables anyone to learn how to use it within minutes.
  9. Despite his impassioned speech, he failed to attract much support for his platform.
  10. Though most people are scared of spiders, these arachnids are mostly harmless
  11. Toddlers are impulsive creatures that have not yet learned to control their urges.
  12. In an ideal world, I'd be a millionaire by now — but, being realistic, I understand that it will take me at least three more years to reach that important
  13. Inexperienced workers sometimes have the most innovative
  14. My irresponsible friend won't be coming over today because she forgot that we had agreed to meet up today.
  15. The injured bird miraculously recovered after around two weeks.
  16. Our new and improved model has a much higher quality and offers many new features at an affordable price.
  17. I am so tired of my mother's incessant whining — doesn't she understand that I am too busy to do any chores?


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