55+ Adjectives That Start With J (with Example Usage)

If you are looking for adjectives that begin with the letter J, you will have quite a difficult time finding the right words. The English language doesn't have that many adjectives starting with J — but this list of the best ones can help you explore your options at a glance.

Adjectives that start with J

Jagged — With rough, irregular, edges.

Jailed — Sent to jail.

Jam-packed — Filled to the brim.

Jammed — Stuck, fixed in place.

Jangling — Makes a rattling metallic sound.

Jarring — Grating, harsh, loud, unpleasant.

Jaundiced — Yellowed, has liver disease.

Jaw-dropping — Shocking, surprising, unbelievable.

Jawless — Something without jaws.

Jeering — Mocking, contemptuous, rude.

Jejune — Boring, dull, uninteresting.

Jelly — Gelatinous, soft, squishy, slimy.

Jettisoned — Discarded, left behind.

Jeweled — Something that has jewels.

Jilted — Abandoned, left behind.

Jingly — Loud, jangling, makes sound.

Jingoistic — Excessively patriotic or nationalistic.

Jinxed — Caused to have bad luck.

Jittery — Nervous, jumpy, tense, anxious.

Jointed — Having joints.

Jolted — Shocked into action, startled.

Journalistic — Pertaining to journalism.

Joyless — Without joy or happiness.

Judgmental — Quick to form negative opinions.

Juicy — Moist, pulpy, syrupy.

Jumbled — Chaotic, disorganized, in a state of disarray.

Jumbo — Big, large, ginormous.

Jumpy — Restless, tense, jittery.

Jungly — Lush, green, overgrown.

Justifiable — Reasonable, justified, excusable.

Justified — Having had justification or reason.

Jutting — Sticking out.

Adjectives that start with J to describe a person

Jabbering — Chatty, talkative, wordy.

Jacketed — Wearing a jacket or coat.

Jaded — Cynical, tainted by bad experiences.

Jealous — Bitter, envious, resentful.

Jesting — Joking or mocking.

Jewish — Someone who practices Judaism or is or Jewish heritage.

Jobless — Without employment.

Jock-like — Resembling a jock or athlete.

Jocular — Fond of joking.

Jogging — Someone who is jogging.

Jokey — Funny or humorous.

Jolly — Merry, giddy, upbeat.

Jovial — With a pleasant and joyful disposition.

Junior — Inexperienced, young, or lower in status.

Just — Fair, honest, ethical.

Juvenile — Youthful, young, child.

Positive adjectives that start with J

Jaunty — Cheerful, happy, lively.

Jazzy — Lively, energetic, showy.

Joking — Making a joke, being humorous.

Joyful — Cheerful, happy, merry.

Joyous — happy, delighted, jubilant.

Jubilant — Joyful, ecstatic, euphoric.

Judicious — Wise, with sound judgment.

Example sentences with J adjectives

  1. The day my brother got married was an especially joyous occasion, filled with festivities, and the event was jam-packed full of guests.
  2. The coins in my pocket make a jingly sound every time I walk.
  3. Would you like to try a smoothie with some juicy mangoes, some spinach, and half an avocado?
  4. Who doesn't love the jubilant spirit that rolls around every Christmas?
  5. Whenever I'd ask my grandfather how he was doing, he'd always say, "Jolly good, son, jolly good."
  6. Because it was a special occasion, he decided to wear his jeweled
  7. He is still a junior executive, but he is very talented and we all know that Josh will achieve great things in the future.
  8. The hated politician escaped through the back of the conference venue in order to escape the jeering crowds out front.
  9. Jellycake is definitely a delicious dessert, especially with fruit jelly.
  10. That jabbering parrot always makes me nervous, especially when he starts spouting profanities.


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