15 Adjectives That Start With X (with Example Usage)

Should you, for some reason, absolutely need adjectives that begin with the letter X, you’d be right to expect a struggle. You’ll have less choice than you would if you had picked any other letter, and your options are rather limited in meaning as well. This list of adjectives that start with X may just be your best bet.

Adjectives that start with X

Xenobiotic — Pertaining to a foreign substance.

Xenogeneic — Pertaining to a different species; incompatible.

Xenomorphic — Unusual or strange in shape.

Xenophobic — Racist, bigoted, ethnocentric.

Xeric — Dry, lacking moisture or humidity, especially pertaining to deserts.

Xeriscaped — Landscaping to reduce the need for irrigation.

Xerographic — Relating to photocopying.

Xerophytic — Plants evolved to thrive in a dry environment.

Xerotic — Dried, afflicted by drought.

Adjectives that start with X to describe a person

Xenial — Hospitable, welcoming, a good host.

Xenodochial — Kind to strangers and guests.

Positive adjectives that start with X

Xantic — Yellow or yellow-like in color.

Xeroxed — Photocopied, printed.

Xyloid — Woody, arboreal, related to trees.

Xylophonic — Pertaining to xylophones.

Example sentences with X adjectives

  1. You young people do everything on the computer these days, but when I was a child, the teacher used to hand us xeroxed test papers, and I thought the photocopying machine was quite amazing.
  2. Xeriscaped gardens are especially popular in drier regions like Nevada and Arizona, but anyone can benefit from using less water in the yard.
  3. Even though grandfather had grown old and frail, he never failed to be a xenial host — he always made sure that the guests had everything they needed.
  4. If you would like to experiment with new colors in your visual art, you may like to try this unusual xantic
  5. Xenophobic attacks have been on the rise in recent time, in what has proven to be a worrying trend for all minorities.
  6. Xeric plants thrive in dry desert environments, where all other vegetation would quickly begin to wither.

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