65+ Adjectives That Start With W (with Example Usage)

You’re in for a treat if you’ve been looking for adjectives that start with the letter W! This long list will help you find the right words in no time.

Adjectives that start with W

Wacky — Weird, strange, odd.

Wailing — Crying, weeping, in tears.

Walled — Separated, confined, sealed off.

Wandering — Roaming, traveling, winding.

Wanton — Lustful, immodest, reckless.

Warm — Hot, toasty, sweaty.

Warm-blooded — Passionate; relating to mammals.

Warped — Distorted; corrupted.

Warring — Pertaining to war, hostile.

Washed — Clean, hygienic.

Wasted — Underused; weak, frail.

Wasteful — Careless, reckless, destructive.

Watchful — Vigilant, observant, alert.

Waterlogged — Full of water, soaked.

Waterproof — Protected against water.

Watery — Soggy, dripping, wet.

Waving — Swinging, swirling, wobbling.

Waxy — Made of wax or containing wax.

Weaponized — Made into a weapon.

Webbed — Netted, lacy, knitted.

Weedy — Overgrown with weeds.

Weekly — Every week.

Weeping — Sorrowful, mourning; droopy, bending.

Weighty — Dense, hefty, massive.

Well-balanced — Proportional, symmetric, healthy.

Wet — Moist, humid, containing water.

Whipped — Beaten, mixed; battered, hit.

White — Pale, pasty.

Whole — Entire, complete.

Whopping — Colossal, large, immense.

Wide — Broad, extensive.

Widespread — Commonplace, ordinary.

Wiggling — Wriggling, twisting, moving.

Wild — In a state of nature; crazy.

Willful — Conscious, deliberate, purposeful.

Wilted — Dried, withered, decayed.

Windy — Breezy, stormy.

Winged — Featuring wings.

Wired — Attached to wires.

Wishful — Wishing or hoping for something.

Wispy — Fine, thin, feathery, airy.

Woeful — Tragic, pitiful, miserable.

Wonky — Weak, shaky, flimsy.

Wooden — Made of wood.

Woolly — Manufactured with wool.

Workable — Functional, practical, sufficient.

Worrying — Concerning, perturbing.

Worse — Inferior, less desirable.

Worst — Least favorable.

Worthless — Useless, profitless, junky.

Wounded — Injured, damaged, beaten.

Woven — Knitted, crocheted, spun.

Written — Having been put in writing.

Wrong — False, incorrect, bad.

Wry — Sarcastic, mocking, ironic.

Adjectives that start with W to describe a person

Wannabe — Aspiring, budding; pretending.

Weak — Frail, feeble, puny.

Wealthy — Rich, prosperous.

Weary — Tired, exhausted, disenchanted.

Wedded — Married, related to marriage.

Weird — Strange, odd, bizarre, unusual.

Well — Healthy, good.

Well-known — Famous, recognizable.

Wheezy — Exhausted, rasping, panting.

Whispering — Speaking in a quiet voice.

Wholesome — Pure, innocent, nice.

Wicked — Evil, nasty, cruel.

Widowed — Having lost one’s spouse.

Wifely — With the qualities of a wife.

Wimpy — Cowardly, spineless, scared.

Winning — Victorious, triumphant.

Wise — Intelligent, experienced.

Withdrawn — Disconnected, isolated, stand-offish.

Witty — Funny, humorous, comical.

Womanly — Feminine, ladylike.

Wordy — Verbose, long-winded, rambling.

Working-class — Blue-collar worker.

Worldly — Knowledgeable, secular, experienced.

Worried — Concerned, anxious.

Wretched — Sad, pitiful, tragic, unhappy.

Wrinkly — Old, wrinkled.

Positive adjectives that start with W

Wanted — Desired, welcome, cherished.

Warmhearted — Kind, generous, friendly, genial.

Welcome — Liked, well-received.

Welcoming — Making others feel at ease.

Whimsical — Quaint, fanciful, peculiar.

Wonderful — Great, superb, excellent.

Wondrous — Awe-inspiring, amazing, breathtaking.

Worthwhile — Valuable, useful, deserving of time and effort.

Worthy — Deserving, suitable, respected.

Example sentences with W adjectives

  1. My grandmother always used to make me woolly sweaters for Christmas, and I wore them happily even though they were very itchy.
  2. A wonderful smell emanated from the kitchen, signifying that it would soon be time to sit down for dinner.
  3. The winged creature did not appear to have a beak, and it made high-pitched sounds, so it was probably a bat.
  4. Danielle was a worthy opponent, and I thank her for inspiring me to train harder and do better in the competition.
  5. The wrinkly man has become slow and senile over time, and he barely recognizes me any more.
  6. Don’t you just love windy days, specifically the feeling you get just before it is about to rain, and especially if you bring your waterproof jacket along?
  7. The winning candidate thanked his campaign team, and when his opponent congratulated him, he was very diplomatic.
  8. Dive into the whimsical world of game play as soon as you download this app, and get access to special features by entering the secret code.
  9. The internet is the birthplace of many worrying trends, some of which challenge young people to engage in dangerous acts like eating Tide pods.
  10. The written word often allows people to express themselves more clearly compared to the spoken word, as they get the chance to think about their core message ahead of time.
  11. We had a rather wholesome experience at that family amusement park; there were fun rides, people dressed up as our favorite characters, and of course a lovely family restaurant.
  12. The wicked witch giggled as she cast a spell that would curse her mortal enemy to eternal bad luck.
  13. The wounded man had to be rushed to the hospital quickly.
  14. Festivities spontaneously broke out when the warring tribes finally laid down their weapons and brokered a peace deal.
  15. Sure, you can put the whipped cream in the fridge for a while; it will still be good later.
  16. The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, contains some wise words if you are interested in military strategy.
  17. Lily is a wannabe pop star who spends hours practicing her songs in front of the mirror with a toy microphone; she’s only five years old now, but but she might rise to great fame one day.
  18. Animal rescue centers rescue wounded, weak, animals, nurse them back to health, and find them welcoming new homes.

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