85+ Adjectives That Start With S (with Example Usage)

Anyone who is searching for superb, splendid, smart, or serious adjectives that start with the letter S is in luck! The letter S offers plenty of choice, whether you need to describe a person, place, thing, or idea — and this substantial collection will help you select the best adjectives for your needs!

Adjectives that start with S

Sacrificial — Pertaining to sacrifice.

Sacrilegious — Blasphemous, offensive to religious sensibilities.

Safe — Secure, protected, free.

Salty — Containing salt; upset, offended.

Salvageable — Repairable, can be saved.

Same — Identical, matching, alike.

Satanic — Devilish, diabolical, pertaining to Satan.

Savory — Hearty, wholesome, pleasant.

Scandalous — Shocking, disgraceful, outrageous.

Scattered — Dispersed, spread out.

Scenic — Picturesque, striking.

Scented — Fragrant, aromatic, perfumed.

Scrambled — Jumbled, chaotic.

Scratchy — Unpleasantly rough.

Scruffy — Shabby, untidy.

Seamless — Perfect, flawless, smooth, unmarked.

Seasonal — Periodic, recurrent, regular.

Secondary — Subordinate, of lesser importance.

Secretive — Covert, hiding.

Sentient — Conscious, aware.

Serial — Part of a pattern.

Serrated — Possessing a jagged edge.

Severe — Harsh, cruel, serious, rough, nasty.

Shabby — Ragged, dirty.

Shady — Sketchy; in the shade.

Sharp — Able to cut easily; intelligent, keen.

Sheltered — Comfortable, protected, privileged.

Shocking — Appalling, surprising.

Showy — Flamboyant, striking.

Shrieking — Screeching, high-pitched screaming.

Shrill — High-pitched, shrieking.

Shut — Closed, locked.

Significant — Important, consequential.

Silent — Soundless, quiet.

Silver — Made of silver, silver-colored.

Similar — Alike, comparable to another.

Simplistic — Lacking sophistication or nuance.

Sinful — Bad, inappropriate.

Single — One, only, solitary, sole.

Sizzling — Hot, burning, blazing.

Skeletal — Excessively thin.

Sketchy — Shady, suspicious.

Skewed — Slanted, tilted; biased.

Slick — Slippery; charming, talkative.

Sly — Cunning, plotting.

Smelly — Pungent, with a bad odor.

Smudged — Dirty, grimy.

Snappy — Quick, fast; irritable.

Snotty — Emanating snot.

Snowy — Lots of snow.

Soft — Squishy, comfortable, malleable.

Solar — Powered by the sun.

Sold — Having been bought.

Spacious — Featuring a significant amount of space.

Speculative — Hypothetical, supposed.

Spherical — Round, like a ball.

Spicy — Hot, spiced.

Spiky — Sharp, containing spikes.

Spontaneous — Improvised, casual, unplanned.

Spotless — Neat, tidy, immaculate.

Spotted — Possessing spots.

Squalid — Filthy, disgusting.

Squeamish — Easily offended; frightened of blood and gore.

Stained — Containing stains; dirty.

Standard — Average, common.

Stinky — Foul, pungent, bad odor.

Strenuous — Difficult, arduous, hard.

Strong — Mighty, tough, physically capable.

Stuffy — Muggy, stifling, lacking ventilation.

Sturdy — Strong, durable, resilient.

Substantial — Considerable, significant, sizeable.

Sunny — Lots of sun.

Superficial — Shallow, casual; not deep.

Surreal — Strange, bizarre, unbelievable.

Swanky — Luxurious, lavish, nice.

Sweltering — Hot, scorching.

Symbiotic — Existing in harmony with something else.

Symmetrical — Identical on multiple sides.

Synonymous — Having the same meaning as something else.

Adjectives that start with S to describe a person

Sad — Unhappy, miserable, upset, down.

Saddened — Rendered sad.

Sadistic — Cruel, savage, nasty, likes to inflict pain.

Sane — Cognizant, reasonable, lucid.

Sarcastic — Mocking, contemptuous.

Scared — Fearful, frightened.

Scary — Frightening, intimidating.

Scornful — Disdainful, contemptuous.

Scrawny — Skinny, thin.

Selfish — Inconsiderate, mean, self-centered, greedy.

Selfless — Caring, considerate, altruistic.

Senile — Displaying signs of dementia.

Senior — Old; having an important position.

Sentimental — Having feelings of nostalgia.

Serious — Solemn, grave; important.

Sexy — Attractive, handsome, beautiful.

Shameless — Without shame, brazen, audacious.

Sheepish — Embarrassed, shy.

Shifty — Shady, deceitful, sly, cunning.

Shivering — Shaking, trembling, quivering.

Short — Not tall.

Shy — Timid, modest, lacking confidence.

Sickly — Ill, in poor health.

Silly — Foolish, daft.

Simple — Plain, straightforward.

Simple-minded — Backward, lacking intelligence.

Sisterly — With the qualities of a sister.

Skeptical — Doubting, questioning.

Snarky — Sarcastic, caustic.

Snobby — Arrogant, haughty.

Sociable — Enjoying company.

Social — Friendly, amiable.

Socialist — Believing in the tenets of socialism.

Softhearted — Mellow, compassionate, kind.

Sorrowful — Saddening, unhappy.

Spiteful — Malicious, resentful.

Stupid — Ignorant, unintelligent, dense, idiotic.

Sulking — Pouting, moping.

Superstitious — Irrational, believing in superstitions.

Suspicious — Distrustful, paranoid, apprehensive.

Positive adjectives that start with S

Sacred — Holy, divine, heavenly.

Saintly — With the qualities of a saint.

Satisfactory — Acceptable, adequate.

Satisfying — Delightful, pleasant, enjoyable.

Savvy — Knowledgeable, skilled, capable.

Sensational — Amazing, thrilling, fantastic.

Sensible — Logical, possessing common sense.

Serene — Calm, peaceful.

Shiny — Glowing, sparkling, shimmering.

Sincere — Genuine, honest, frank.

Smart — Intelligent, clever.

Sophisticated — Cultured, refined.

Sparkly — Shiny, glowing, glittery.

Spiritual — Religious, metaphysical.

Splendid — Excellent, wonderful, fantastic.

Sugary — Sweet, containing sugar.

Superb — Great, awesome.

Superior — Better or the best.

Supreme — Leading, highest, premier.

Sweet — Nice, pleasant, cute.

Example sentences with S adjectives

  1. It will take my son a while to solve his scrambled Rubik's cube, but he is getting faster all the time.
  2. Would you like some sparkly water?
  3. Grandpa might look scary and intimidating, but he is just a softhearted teddy bear when it comes down to it.
  4. Substantial rainfall is expected in the evening; get your umbrella ready!
  5. This swanky apartment is now available for a very reasonable price.
  6. Sadly I'm going to have to throw away my stained t-shirt because it can't be cleaned properly.
  7. My new girlfriend has some very sophisticated tastes; I am not sure I'll be able to afford all the things she likes.
  8. The spotted butterflies love being around the new flowers outside.
  9. That sweet lady from next door brought a casserole by for you earlier.
  10. Scented candles really make your home smell so much nicer.

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