70+ Adjectives That Start With R (with Example Usage)

If you are looking for adjectives that begin with the letter R, it's your lucky day — not just because we have compiled a long list for you, but also because there are just so many great adjectives that start with R to choose from. No matter what you're trying to say, you'll find the right word in no time!

Adjectives that start with R

Rabid — Having rabies; extreme, fanatical.

Radical — Extreme, drastic, advanced.

Radioactive — Emanating radioactive matter.

Ragged — Tattered, frayed, threadbare.

Raided — Looted, plundered.

Rainproof — Protected against rain.

Rainy — Wet, cloudy, overcast, precipitation.

Raised — Lifted, at a height.

Rampaging — Stampeding, without restraint.

Rampant — Widespread, common, unrestrained, rapid.

Ramshackle — Rickety, derelict, cheap.

Random — Unpredictably, by chance.

Rapturous — Complimentary, flattering, wonderful, delightful.

Rare — Infrequent, precious, scarce.

Rash — Reckless, careless, hasty, impulsive/

Rather — To a significant degree.

Ratty — Shabby, torn, worn-down.

Raving — Extremely excited or angry.

Ravishing — Beautiful, appealing, luscious.

Raw — Not cooked.

Realistic — Feasible, achievable.

Reassuring — Encouraging, supportive, comforting.

Recent — Modern, new, latest, young, fresh.

Rechargeable — Reusable, can be charged again.

Reclusive — Withdrawn, isolated, hermit.

Recognizable — Noticeable, apparent.

Recurrent — Repeating, occurring multiple times.

Recycled — Made with used materials.

Red — One of the primary colors.

Redacted — Censored, altered.

Redeemable — Correctable, fixable, solvable.

Redundant — Unnecessary, obsolete, useless.

Reflective — Reflects light.

Regrettable — Lamentable, unfortunate.

Relative — Comparable, corresponding, to something.

Relevant — Pertinent, important within context.

Remarkable — Outstanding, impressive, wonderful.

Removable — Detachable, can be removed.

Rental — Acquired for temporary use.

Repeating — Recurring, constant, frequent.

Replaceable — Can be substituted.

Representative — Irregular, inconsistent, uncertain.

Reputable — Trustworthy, respectable, legitimate.

Required — Necessary, obligatory.

Residential — Designed to live in.

Residual — Leftover, remaining.

Resolute — Determined, committed, unyielding.

Revamped — Changed, altered, edited, redesigned.

Rhetorical — To persuade or convince.

Ridiculous — Absurd, senseless, insane.

Right — Correct; opposite of left.

Rigid — Hard, solid, not bendable.

Ripe — Matured, ready to eat.

Ripped — Torn, tattered, ragged, shredded.

Risky — Dangerous, unsafe, hazardous, dodgy.

Ritualistic — pertaining to rituals or traditions.

Rival — Opposing, hostile, enemy.

Roaring — Loud, blaring, high volume.

Rogue — Maverick, unpredictable, rebellious.

Ropy — Stringy, thready.

Round — Spherical; circular.

Rudimentary — Basic, fundamental, primary, early, initial.

Rural — Pertaining to the countryside.

Rustic — Simple, charming.

Rusty — Corroded, having acquired rust.

Adjectives that start with R to describe a person

Raging — Angry, furious, mad.

Rambling — Wordy, talkative, incoherent.

Rambunctious — Boisterous, loud, energetic.

Ranting — Raving, angry, mad.

Rational — Logical, reasonable.

Real — True, authentic, actual.

Rebellious — Defiant, disobedient, unruly.

Reckless — Careless, risk-taking, daredevil.

Recovered — Healed, restored to health.

Regular — Standard, common, frequent.

Rejected — Declined, abandoned.

Relatable — Understandable, similar.

Relentless — Persistent, tenacious.

Reluctant — Hesitant, discouraged, unwilling, wary.

Remorseful — Filled with regret.

Repentant — Regretting former actions.

Resentful — Bitter, aggrieved, envious.

Responsive — Replies swiftly.

Restless — Agitated, uneasy, anxious, stressed.

Robotic — Robot-like, flat affect.

Rotund — Round, chubby, fat.

Rowdy — Boisterous, unruly, chaotic, loud.

Ruthless — Brutal, cruel, without mercy.

Positive adjectives that start with R

Radiant — Emanating light or heat.

Rapid — Quick, fast.

Reasonable — Logical, sensible, fair, acceptable.

Reassured — Relieved, confident, feeling relaxed.

Regal — Majestic, noble.

Rejoicing — Expressing joy and jubilation.

Relaxed — Easy-going, laid-back, calm.

Relaxing — Soothing, calming, peaceful.

Reliable — Dependable, trustworthy, loyal.

Resilient — Resistant to stress.

Respectful — Courteous, gracious, showing respect.

Responsible — Reliable, dependable; culpable, guilty.

Rewarding — Fulfilling, gratifying, satisfying, meaningful.

Rhythmic — Possessing rhythm.

Rich — Wealthy, prosperous.

Righteous — Virtuous, honest, honorable.

Rigorous — Meticulous, thorough, comprehensive.

Romantic — Pertaining to love and dating.

Rosy — Red; healthy; promising.

Royal — Majestic, grand, noble.

Example sentences with R adjectives

  1. This relaxing garden is perfect for late-night chats with friends and family.
  2. Our son's school is using a very rigorous math curriculum this year, so I am sure he will learn a lot.
  3. The responsible boy came back in time for curfew and finished his homework before he went to bed.
  4. She is a regular customer who orders a latte with a chocolate chip cookie every single morning.
  5. Given the chance, why wouldn't you buy an affordable product from a reputablebusiness?
  6. Our community has been affected by rampant crime and high unemployment rates in recent times.
  7. Though it was a rather regrettable decision, there's nothing I can do about it now.
  8. I admit that I do like to listen to romantic songs in the car sometimes, and I occasionally even sing along loudly.
  9. This rotund cat can hardly walk; she would truly benefit from losing some weight.
  10. Remember not to offer Mike any wine at the dinner party tonight, because he is a recovered
  11. Sushi combines sticky rice with raw fish; once a street food in Japan, this dish has become popular all over the world.
  12. Buying rechargeable batteries is a green choice that can help you reduce your carbon footprint, as well as saving you money in the long run.
  13. She was a ruthless athlete who spent months ensuring that she did everything she could to win, no matter who she had to beat in the process.
  14. My rebellious teenagers like to throw parties when I am away on business.

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