90+ Adjectives That Start With M (with Example Usage)

Your language instantly becomes more descriptive, more vivid, and more beautiful when you add carefully-chosen adjectives. Are you in search for a long list of adjectives that start with the letter M and that can describe places, people, objects, or ideas? Look no further!

Adjectives that start with M

Macabre — Disturbing, gruesome, grim.

Mad — Angry, frustrated.

Maddening — Causing anger.

Magnetic — Containing magnets.

Main — Central, lead, most important.

Major — Important, noteworthy, massive.

Manageable — Possible, achievable, doable.

Mandatory — Compulsory, obligatory, required.

Manicured — With well-groomed hands.

Manipulated — Influenced, persuaded, changed.

Many — Lots, large numbers of.

Marketable — Sales-worthy, desirable on the market.

Marred — Deformed, disfigured.

Masked — Wearing a mask, concealed, hidden.

Mathematical — Pertaining to mathematics.

Maximum — The highest or largest amount.

Mean — Nasty, spiteful, cruel; average.

Meandering — Twisting, winding, rambling.

Meaty — Significant; containing lots of meat.

Medical — Pertaining to medicine or surgery.

Medium — Middle, average.

Melted — Liquid, runny, watery, juicy.

Memorialized — Remembered, not forgotten.

Memorized — Committed to memory.

Mental — Pertaining to the mind.

Mere — Insignificant, only, inconsequential.

Mesmerized — Fascinated, captivated, enthralled.

Metallic — Made of metal or with metal-like qualities.

Meticulous — Careful, painstaking.

Middle — Medium, in between.

Mild — Light, not spicy, moderate.

Milky — Containing milk.

Mined — Drilled, excavated, extracted.

Minor — Small, insignificant.

Minty — Tastes or smells like mint.

Miserable — Depressed, down, unhappy.

Misleading — Deceptive, false, lacking credibility.

Missed — Unnoticed, ignored, overlooked.

Mistrusting — Lacking trust.

Misty — Fuzzy, unclear, foggy, blurry.

Mixed — Blended, varied, assorted.

Mocked — Ridiculed, derided, made fun of.

Moist — With a high water content; supple.

Moldy — Infected with mold.

Monstrous — Horrible, dreadful, awful.

Monumental — Important, significant, historic.

Mortal — Able to die.

Mortified — Scared, frightened.

Motionless — Still, without movement.

Mouthwatering — Delicious, tasty, flavorful.

Moving — Touching, inspirational.

Much — A lot, a large amount.

Muddy — Containing a lot of mud.

Multi-functional — With more than one function.

Multinational — Present in multiple countries.

Multiple — More than one.

Mundane — Dull, boring.

Mushy — Squishy, pulpy, squashy, soggy.

Muted — Hushed; not vibrant.

Mutinous — Treacherous, rebellious.

Adjectives that start with M to describe a person

Malicious — Ill-spirited, mean, spiteful, vicious.

Manipulative — Prone to deceiving others for gain.

Manly — With qualities considered masculine.

Married — Entered marriage; wife or husband.

Masculine — Very manly.

Maternal — Possessing the qualities or feelings of a mother.

Mature — Responsible, sensible; grown up.

Meek — Timid, shy, humble.

Mellow — Mild-mannered, easy-going, relaxed.

Melodramatic — Theatrical, excessive.

Memorable — Unforgettable, remarkable, impressive, noteworthy.

Messy — Disorganized, untidy, chaotic.

Middle-aged — Aged 45 to 64.

Militant — Holding extreme views.

Misinformed — Wrong, inaccurate, deluded.

Moaning — Whining, grumbling.

Moderate — Average, ordinary, not extreme.

Modern — Contemporary, of the present era.

Modest — Humble, timid, selfless.

Money-grubbing — Greedy, materialistic.

Moody — Grumpy, sullen, angry, irritated.

Motivated — Diligent, ambitious, keen.

Mousey — Timid, shy, skittish.

Multi-skilled — Possessing many skills.

Muscular — Athletic, buff, fit, ripped.

Mysterious — Enigmatic, strange, fascinating.

Positive adjectives that start with M

Magic — Wonderful, amazing; supernatural.

Magnificent — Monumental, wonderful, great, superb.

Majestic — Grand, glorious, impressive.

Marvelous — Wondrous, stunning, remarkable.

Masterful — Expert, skilled, very proficient.

Melodic — Musical, lyrical.

Merciful — Compassionate, forgiving, gracious.

Merry — Cheerful, jolly, festive, joyous.

Mighty — Powerful, influential,

Mind-blowing — Surprising, exciting, thrilling.

Mindful — Alert, aware, attentive, observant.

Miraculous — Amazing, awesome, remarkable.

Moral — Righteous, just, principled, upstanding.

Motivational — Offering inspiration and encouragement.

Example sentences with M adjectives

  1. If you are in a hurry, mixed nuts can be a great way to get some extra protein.
  2. Pigs love rolling around in muddy grass and getting dirty.
  3. Motivational speakers can earn tens of thousands of dollars for each engagement.
  4. The mysterious stranger appeared again, this time to lend the villagers a helping hand just as they were being invaded by barbarians.
  5. Wishing all my friends and family a Merry Christmas on this wonderful day.
  6. Though I prefer milky coffee, I know that some people like their coffee black.
  7. The multinational company now operates a grand total of 148 locations in 16 different countries.
  8. I was scared that the two would not be able to get along, but it turns out that my dog has maternal feelings toward the new ferret.
  9. I like to eat French fries covered in melted cheese alongside a juicy hamburger.
  10. I swear, if my messy roommate doesn't put his socks away next time, I am going to do something I'll regret.
  11. For the main character to be likable and relatable, they shouldn't be perfect in every way, but also have some flaws.
  12. Highly manicured lawns and gardens are popular in my area, but I prefer my yard to look a little more natural.
  13. You will be able to perform about a dozen different tricks with this magic
  14. My misinformed cousin believes the world is flat because of the crazy videos he watches.
  15. Middle-aged women are the main target audience for this novel, but almost anyone can find something to enjoy about it.
  16. If you enjoy meandering paths, plenty of wildlife, and some wonderful picnic locations, you should definitely visit that national park.

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