85+ Adjectives That Start With L (with Example Usage)

If you are looking for adjectives that start with the letter L, you are in luck! This long list will help you find the perfect adjectives that begin with L, whether you are determined to broaden your vocabulary, crafting an alliteration, or just looking around.

Adjectives that start with L

Lackadaisical — Demotivated; not serious.

Lacking — Missing, does not possess.

Lacy — Intricate, made with lace.

Lamentable — Regrettable, sad, bad.

Large — Big, huge, giant.

Last — Final, arriving after all others.

Lasting — Over the course of a long time.

Late — Belated, delayed; deceased.

Latent — Hidden, yet to emerge.

Lauded — Praised, admired, acclaimed, celebrated.

Laughable — Ridiculous, nonsensical, deserving of mockery.

Lavender — Having a light purple color.

Lawful — In accordance with the law.

Leafless — Without leaves.

Leafy — Green, has many leaves.

Leaky — Emanating unwanted liquids.

Leathery — Having a rough and hard texture.

Left — On the left side, opposite of right.

Leftover — Remaining behind.

Legal — In accordance with the law.

Legible — Can be read easily.

Lenient — Tolerant, compassionate, humane.

Lethal — Deadly, fatal.

Lethargic — Sluggish, listless.

Liable — Culpable, responsible.

Liberal — A large quantity of; someone with Liberal political values.

Lifeless — Without life.

Lifelong — Lasting one’s entire life.

Light — Not heavy; the opposite of dark.

Limiting — Restrictive, bound by limits.

Limp — Soft, floppy.

Linguistic — Pertaining to the rules of language.

Linked — Connected, joined together.

Liquid — Flowing, fluid.

Lit — Featuring light.

Literate — Person who can read.

Little — Small, tiny.

Livid — Enraged, furious, very angry.

Loaded — Filled with items; rich or wealthy.

Loathsome — Disgusting, worthy of contempt.

Long — Significant in length.

Loose — Not secured in place; flowing.

Lost — Misplaced, cannot be found.

Loud — Noisy, blaring, significant sound.

Lousy — Bad, disappointing, mediocre.

Lukewarm — Only very slightly warm.

Lumpy — Containing lumps.

Lured — Entrapped, manipulated, convinced.

Lurking — Sneaking, stalking.

Lustful — Passionate, filled with desire.

Adjectives that start with K to describe a person

Ladylike — With the qualities of a lady, feminine.

Laid-back — Easy-going, casual.

Lame — Lousy, shameful, uncool.

Lanky — Someone tall and thin.

Lax — Careless, slacking.

Lazy — Avoids hard work.

Learned — Educated, well-studied, knowledgeable.

Lesbian — Homosexual woman.

Likeable — Friendly, amiable, sociable.

Liked — Respected, popular.

Lionized — Praised, deemed important.

Lithe — Agile, flexible, athletic.

Lively — Energetic, animated.

Loamy — Soil composted of sand, clay, and silt.

Locked — Shut, closed.

Logical — Methodical, reasonable.

Lonely — Alone, isolated, abandoned

Loopy — Crazy, silly, strange.

Loved — Receiving love and affection.

Lovesick — Heartbroken, mourning lost relationship.

Loving — Affectionate, caring, kind, friendly.

Lowly — Inferior, of lower quality.

Lying — Telling lies, deceptive.

Positive adjectives that start with L

Laudable — Deserving of praise and admiration.

Lavish — Extravagant, opulent, grand, rich.

Legendary — Renowned, epic, mythic.

Limitless — Free from limits, infinite, endless.

Lovely — Wonderful, great, beautiful, attractive.

Loyal — Faithful, reliable, dedicated, trusty, devoted.

Lucid — Clear, explicit, aware.

Lucky — Fortunate, blessed, charmed.

Lucrative — Generating profit.

Luminous — Emitting bright light.

Luscious — Pleasant, enjoyable, stunning, attractive.

Luxurious — Grand, expensive, comfortable.

Example sentences with L adjectives

  1. By downloading this drawing app, users gain access to limitless possibilities that allow them to make their creations come to life.
  2. Lucy is such a lovely person, and I greatly admire her patience.
  3. The legendary dragon has been portrayed in art for thousands of years.
  4. Some complained about the lenient sentence he was given, while others continued to insist that he was innocent.
  5. Cryptocurrency may once have been a lucrative investment, but its future is uncertain.
  6. Rocky or loamy soil will help your cacti grow strong and healthy, but they will also need to be fed fertilizer occasionally.
  7. Why don’t you wear that lacy dress for the party?
  8. The lethargic dog seemed rather grateful when the animal rescue team arrived, offering love, water, and medical care.
  9. Loyal friends are the biggest gift anyone could ever hope for.
  10. When a burning smell emanated from the kitchen and things started getting a little hot, the logical conclusion was that the oven dish had caught fire.
  11. Daddy helped himself to a liberal dollop of cream; he loved his pancakes to have plenty of toppings.
  12. The lucky winner will be able to enjoy a cruise to the Bahamas.
  13. Dissolve some salt in lukewarm water when you have a sore throat, and use it to gargle.
  14. The lazy cat spent her entire afternoon chilling on the couch; if she ever even moved, none of us saw it.
  15. I couldn’t believe myself when I finally came across my lost keys; they were just under a pillow.
  16. Do you prefer to use liquid hand soap, or bars of soap?
  17. People said that the learned man had read at least two million books over his lifetime.
  18. If you are interested in learning more about lucid dreams, during which you can remain fully aware, you can watch these videos on the topic.
  19. The newlyweds had booked an extremely luxurious hotel room, with a wonderful view, for their honeymoon.
  20. The loud music really started getting on my nerves after a while.

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