In Light Of - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to present new evidence? "In light of" is an idiom referencing consideration of new information to a conversation, task, process, or something similar. In light of can refer to taking something into consideration, or looking at the relationship between different data sets.

The phrase is in use in modern language, and it typically occurs during formal conversations, such as in the courtroom when a lawyer is presenting their case. It could also feature in a business setting where managers, employees, or executives want to introduce new information that may change planning.

This post unpacks the meaning, origin, and use cases for using "I beg to differ" in a conversation.

In Light Of Meaning

"In light of" is an idiom presenting you with a bridge in the conversation leading to the introduction of new findings or evidence that are pertinent to what you're discussing. You can use it in a group setting or when talking to individuals.

The "light" refers to an uncovering or discovery, typically when new information is available to a set way of thinking or a plan.

In Light Of Example Usage

There are several different ways to reiterate this phrase, and there are plenty of other terms and idioms with similar meanings. Here are some use cases for "in light of" and how to structure the phrase into a conversation.

  • In light of the new evidence introduced by the defense counsel, the prosecution rests its case.
  • We might have to change our strategy in light of the information presented.
  • In light of Ally's criminal record, we decided to go with Sandra instead.
  • In light of the weather report, we decided to postpone the hiking trip.
  • In light of the costs involved, we agreed to go to another clearing firm.
  • In the light of the poor build quality, we'll take the other manufacturer's product instead.
  • We decided to leave the vacation in light of the rising case numbers at our holiday destination.

In Light Of Origin

"In the light of" has a long history of use, with origins tracing back to the late 1600s. In the 1800s, people used the phrase "In view of" interchangeably with "in light of." Usage of "light" refers to "having some consideration, putting something into view" goes back to 1680.

The phrase is also similar to another idiom, "to shed light on," which refers to introducing or discovering new information.

Phrases Similar to In Light Of

Here are some idioms and phrases that have a similar meaning to "in the light of."

  • In view of.
  • In the light of.
  • To shed light on.
  • In the cold light of.
  • Considering the following.
  • Because of.

Phrases Opposite to In Light Of

Here are some idioms and phrases opposite to "in light of."

  • Without new information.
  • Without exposure to.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • In light of.
  • In the light of.

Both sayings are interchangeable, and many people use another variation of the idiom, replacing "light" with "view," as "in view of" new evidence presented to the court, we will be moving to trial.

Ways People May Say In Light Of Incorrectly

People may use the phrase "in light of" in the wrong context or when addressing the wrong audience. The term isn't common in informal settings, and it may make you appear pretentious when using it with friends.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase In Light Of

If you're using "in light of" in conversation, it best suits personal, formal, and professional settings. It's a common phrase used in modern language and discussion, and you'll find it frequently in press releases, speeches, and other formal communications.

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