50+ Adjectives That Start With Q (with Example Usage)

If you are in search of adjectives that begin with the letter Q, you might quickly conclude that you won't have many words to choose from. You'd be surprised, though! There are more than you might think, and this long list contains every adjective starting with Q that isn't horrifically obscure, to the point where almost nobody would understand what you mean.

Adjectives that start with Q

Quack — Charlatan, deceptive, scammer.

Quad — Containing four parts.

Quadratic — Square in shape; pertaining to a type of mathematics.

Quadriplegic — Suffering from paralysis of all limbs.

Quadrupled — Four times the amount.

Quaggy — Soft, marshy, muddy.

Quaky — Prone to shaking or vibrating.

Qualitative — Describing differences in quality.

Quarantined — Isolated for protection.

Quarried — Excavated, exacted, mined.

Quarter — One fourth.

Quarterly — Every quarter; four times a year.

Quartzy — With the qualities of quartz.

Quashed — Defeated, beaten, subdued.

Quasi — Pseudo, semi.

Queasy — Nauseous, ill, sick.

Quelled — Crushed, subdued, defeated.

Quenched — Soaked, appeased, no longer thirsty.

Quick-drying — Drying fast.

Quickest — Fastest, speediest, most rapid.

Quiet — Soundless, noiseless, silent, calm, still.

Quilted — Padded, made with squares.

Quintuple — Five times the amount.

Quippy — Jokey, funny.

Quirkiest — Strangest, weirdest, most bizarre.

Quirkless — Lacking any quirks.

Quit — Stopped, ceased, discontinued.

Quite — Considerably, decidedly, substantially.

Quizzical — Mystifying, puzzling, strange.

Quoted — Cited, repeated, echoed.

Quoteworthy — Deserving of being quoted.

Adjectives that start with Q to describe a person

Quakerly — Possessing the qualities of a Quaker; calm, peaceful.

Qualified — Skilled, experienced, having the right qualifications.

Quarrelsome — Argumentative, belligerent, stubborn.

Queen-like — Having the qualities of a queen.

Queer — Strange, odd, weird.

Questionable — Dubious, strange, doubtful.

Quick-tempered — Irritable, grumpy, easily upset.

Quick-thinking — Keen, resolute, creative, proactive.

Quick-witted — Intelligent, clever, smart.

Quiescent — Sluggish, dormant, slow.

Quirky — Strange, bizarre, eccentric, weird.

Quivering — Shaking, shuddering, shaking.

Quixotic — Idealistic, strange, creative.

Positive adjectives that start with Q

Quaint — Picturesque, scenic, homely, old-fashioned.

Quality — Premium, superior, fine.

Quantifiable — May be numbered or counted.

Queenly — With the qualities of a queen.

Querying — Asking, inquisitive, challenging someone.

Quick — Fast, swift, quick, speedy.

Quick-paced — Fast, with a quick pace.

Quickening — Animating, giving strength and energy to.

Quintessential — Fundamental, archetypal, classic, ideal.

Quotidian — Every day, routinely, ordinary.

Example sentences with Q adjectives

  1. The recent changes in the structure of the company have made a quantifiable difference that shows on the latest financial report.
  2. My quick cat likes to run around my house every night and he won't stop until you feed him.
  3. I truly did like the idea of hiking, but the quick-paced group was far too experienced for my liking and I could not keep up.
  4. That quirky girl in our class is actually very sweet once you get to know her, so maybe you should invite her to your birthday party?
  5. The quiet neighbor can be quite weird at times but she never bothers anyone.
  6. After two weeks, the quarantined patient is finally beginning to show signs of improvement.
  7. It was a quaint village in the middle of nowhere, and everyone still got around on horses.
  8. I decided to buy that quick-drying glue this time, so that my creation would not fall apart again.
  9. If you are interested in contributing to our quarterly magazine, just shoot us an email with your idea.
  10. Whenever I play with my quick-tempered cousin, he calls me nasty things when I win.
  11. A queasy feeling came over Jane after she realized that that creep from the bar was still following her; with a quickening pace, she rushed to the convenience store and called 911.
  12. If you want to make savings in the long run, you simply have to buy a quality generator that will last you forever.
  13. Max's quenched shoes took ages to dry after the water balloon fight he had with his friends at the park.
  14. I have never been very good at math, and I certainly don't understand what quadratic equations are.


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