75+ Adjectives That Start With P (with Example Usage)

Phenomenal, promising, provocative, or popular adjectives can all go a long way toward making your written or spoken words more interesting and descriptive! We’ve prepared a large collection of adjectives that begin with the letter P to help you find the precise words you’ve been looking for.

Adjectives that start with P

Pacifistic — Peaceful, opposed to hostility.

Pacifying — Calming, soothing, relaxing.

Paid — Having received money for.

Painful — Leading to pain and suffering.

Painstaking — Careful, meticulous, thorough.

Palatable — Appetizing, tasty, delicious.

Parked — Placed, stationary somewhere.

Particular — Specific, a certain item.

Permitted — Authorized, allowed, legal, lawful, approved.

Persuasive — Convincing, powerful, influential, believable.

Pesky — Annoying, aggravating, irritating.

Petrified — Scared, frightened, frozen with fear.

Phenomenal — Wonderful, grand, superb, splendid.

Philosophical — Thoughtful, pertaining to philosophy.

Pickled — Preserved with salt or vinegar.

Pint-sized — Small, tiny, the size of a pint.

Pitted — Containing pits.

Pivotal — Important, critical, turning point.

Plain — Average, ordinary, common; unflavored, undecorated.

Plastic — Made of plastic or contains plastic.

Plump — Chubby, fleshy, chunky, rounded.

Plush — Lavish, luxurious.

Poignant — Passionate, inspirational.

Polished — Smoothed, made to be shiny.

Polluted — Affected by pollution, toxic.

Pompous — Pretentious, excessively grand.

Populous— With a large number of inhabitants.

Potential — Possible, future, prospective.

Practical — Useful, Prolific, handy.

Pragmatic — Practical, willing to compromise.

Precise — Exact, accurate, correct.

Premier — First, most important.

Premium — Excellent, high-quality.

Preposterous — Ridiculous, nonsensical.

Pretentious — Arrogant, self-important, showy.

Pricey — Expensive, costly.

Prickly — Thorny, brambly, spiny.

Primary — Main, first, central, lead.

Prime — Best, top, most vital.

Principled — Virtuous, upright, ethical, honest.

Pristine — Flawless, immaculate, very clean.

Private — Secret, confidential, secluded, hidden.

Profound — Important, vital, monumental.

Prolonged — Lasting a long time.

Prompt — Quick, rapid, timely.

Proper — Appropriate, suitable, accepted, right.

Proprietary — Private property, branded, trade secret.

Puffy — Fluffy, airy, loose.

Punchy — Direct, forceful.

Punctual — Arriving on time.

Pure — Genuine, flawless, unmixed, true.

Purified — Rendered pure.

Putrid — Decayed, rotten, disgusting.

Adjectives that start with P to describe a person

Pale — White, ghostly.

Panicky — Nervous, prone to panic.

Passionate — Emotional, intense, opinionated.

Paternal — With the qualities of a father.

Pathetic — Pitiful, miserable, poor, sad, tragic

Patient — Calm, stoical, relaxed.

Patriotic — Loving one’s country.

Peaceful — Calm, tolerant, easygoing, diligent.

Peachy — Wonderful, great, excellent.

Pedantic — Careful, meticulous, precise, exact.

Perceptive — Aware, alert, focused.

Perfectionist — Excessive desire to produce flawless work.

Persistent — Tenacious, resilient, persevering.

Personable — Friendly, genial, sociable.

Philanthropic — Charitable, generous, altruistic.

Picky — Particular, fussy, demanding.

Playful — Fun-loving, laid-back, relaxed.

Pleasant — Nice, lovely, charming, enjoyable.

Poised — Prepared, composed, assured, confident.

Pondering — Thinking, deep in thought, reflecting.

Poor — Broke, lacking money.

Popular — Admired, liked, lovable, cool.

Powerless — Helpless, incapable, weak.

Precocious — Mature, advanced, gifted, talented.

Pretty — Beautiful, attractive, gorgeous.

Proactive — Active, taking initiative.

Problematic — Leading to problems.

Productive — Hardworking, effective, fruitful, dynamic.

Professional — Skilled, competent, experienced.

Proficient — Capable, efficient, skilled.

Prospective — Future, potential, possible.

Proud — Content, honored, prideful, grateful.

Provocative — Inducing passionate reactions.

Pure-hearted — Kind, generous, loving, sweet.

Purported — Alleged, supposed, claimed.

Puzzled — Confused, baffled.

Puzzling — Hard to comprehend.

Positive adjectives that start with P

Painless — Free from pain and suffering.

Peaceful — Calm, relaxed, non-combative.

Perfect — Flawless, the best, excellent.

Picturesque — Stunning, beautiful, striking.

Pioneering — Innovative, groundbreaking, inventive.

Pleasing — Pleasant, delightful, attractive, good.

Pleasurable — Leading to pleasure.

Plentiful — Abundant, copious, excessive.

Poetic — Having the qualities of a poem.

Polite — Kind, tactful, courteous, gracious.

Positive — Good, great, excellent, wonderful.

Possible — Feasible, doable, achievable.

Powerful — Mighty, influential, strong.

Praiseworthy — Deserving of praise and appreciation.

Precious — Valued, treasured, costly.

Preeminent — Leading, primary, most esteemed.

Preferable — Superior, better, preferred.

Prized — Treasured, valued, appreciated.

Profitable — Lucrative, leading to profit.

Promising — Optimistic, talented, hopeful, capable.

Prosperous — Wealthy, rich, successful.

Protective — Guarding, shielding, defending.

Prudent — Wise, discerning, perceptive, diligent.

Purifying — Leading to increased purity.

Purposeful — Intentional, determined, resolved.

Example sentences with P adjectives

  1. Dog-walking can be a profitable business for teenagers.
  2. The pesky bird won’t stop stealing all my bread.
  3. This puzzling new software simply won’t do what I want it to do; could you explain it to me tomorrow, please?
  4. Though my pricey hoodie might have cost me a lot, I still love it.
  5. My nephew is a very promising attorney, and I can’t wait to see what he will do in the future.
  6. My primary purpose in calling this meeting today is to discuss what direction the marketing team should take next.
  7. My playful kitten is super energetic and loves playing with elastic string.
  8. Purified water is safer to drink than tap water when you are on vacation, and I would recommend that you ask for bottled water when visiting a restaurant.
  9. Although Peter has shown a lot of positive qualities, it has become clear that this young man still has a lot to learn before he can be trusted to be a lab assistant.
  10. That sewing machine was my favorite auntie’s prized possession, and she used to say that it was the only thing she owned that really worked.
  11. This pretty painting took months to finish, but it was all worth it.
  12. Tai chi may be slow-paced and a little boring compared to aerobics, but it is a really peaceful
  13. The putrid smell emanating from the garbage truck makes me gag every time.


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