65+ Adjectives That Start With O (with Example Usage)

Are you lost for words? This big collection of adjectives that start with the letter O will help you out as you decide how best to make your nouns come to life. Whether you need to describe someone’s physical characteristics, you’re looking to create more depth, or you want to be precise in sharing what the qualities of an object are, the letter O offers plenty of exciting possibilities.

Adjectives that start with O

Oblivious — Clueless, unaware, ignorant of.

Obscene — Profane, Offensive, vulgar.

Obscure — Strange, ambiguous, unclear.

Observable — Visible, discoverable, evident, noteworthy.

Obsolete — Outdated, antiquated, old-fashioned.

Obstructive — Contrary, disruptive, deterring.

Obvious — Clear, evident, noticeable.

Occupied — In use; filled; has a job.

Oceanic — Marine, relating to the ocean.

Odious — Disgusting, repulsive.

Odorless — Without a smell or odor.

Odorous — Smelly, stinky.

Offensive — Insulting, unpleasant, disgusting, disagreeable.

Offhanded — Casual, improvised.

Official — Approved, valid, authorized, authentic.

Oily — Greasy, contains oil.

Old-fashioned — Archaic, outmoded, no longer fashionable.

Ominous — Foreboding, gloomy, worrying.

Omnivorous — Able to eat both plant matter and meat.

One — A single.

Onerous — Difficult, taxing, arduous.

Oozy — Emanating a liquid or gel.

Opaque — Cloudy, obscured, not transparent.

Open — Not closed; available for business; alternatively honest and frank.

Operable — Able to be operated on.

Operative — Functional, in working order.

Opposing — Contradictory, contrasting, antithetical.

Opposite — On the other side.

Oppressive — Dictatorial, tyrannical, cruel, unjust.

Optimized — Effective, logical, orderly, systematic.

Optional — Voluntary, matter of choice.

Opulent — Posh, luxurious, extravagant.

Oral — Pertaining to the mouth.

Orange — A mix of yellow and red.

Organic — Made of natural substances; farmed without pesticides.

Oriental — Pertaining to East Asia.

Ostentatious — Extravagant, showy, fancy.

Outdated — Archaic, old-fashioned, obsolete.

Outer — On the outside of.

Outgunned — Exceeded, surpassed.

Outrageous — Ridiculous, excessive, shocking.

Outside — Outdoors, exterior.

Overcast — Cloudy, gloomy.

Overconfident — Possessing excessive confidence.

Overpriced — Excessively expensive.

Overreaching — Going to far, crossing a limit.

Overt — Open, clear, out in view.

Overwhelmed — Beaten; unable to cope.

Overzealous — Excessively eager.

Own — One’s possession.

Adjectives that start with O to describe a person

Obedient — Compliant, polite, submissive.

Obese — Very overweight.

Obliging — Considerate, amiable, helpful, compliant.

Obnoxious — Rude, disrespectful, nasty, unpleasant.

Observant — Aware, taking notice.

Obsessive — Someone overcome by obsession.

Obtuse — Imperceptive, stupid.

Odd — Strange, weird, bizarre.

Offended — Having taken offense.

Old — Of advanced age.

Older — Having lived longer than another.

Opinionated — Assertive, confident in expressing views.

Opportunistic — Taking advantage, exploitative.

Oppositional — Contrary, adversarial, antagonistic.

Ordained — Invested, recognized, authorized.

Ordinary — Normal, plain, average.

Ornery — Irritable, grumpy, moody, stubborn.

Orphaned — Having lost one’s parents.

Ousted — Removed from a position.

Outdoorsy — Loving nature and the outdoors.

Outed — Someone about whom something is revealed.

Outgoing — Confident, social; one who is about to leave office.

Overpowered — Beaten, defeated.

Overthrown — Having been removed from power.

Overweight — Heavy, fat.

Positive adjectives that start with O

Omnipotent — All-powerful, godly.

Omniscient — All-knowing, all-seeing.

Openhearted — Kind, generous, caring, compassionate.

Optimistic — Hopeful, positive, confident.

Organized — Neat, tidy, orderly.

Original — Unique, initial, first.

Ornamental — Decorative, cosmetic, showy.

Ornate — Elaborate, intricate, decorated.

Outstanding — Excellent, exceptional, impressive.

Overjoyed — Euphoric, happy, ecstatic.

Example sentences with O adjectives

  1. The ousted prime minister recognized that he was no longer able to lead the country, even as he retained his optimistic.
  2. Ornamental grass can make for a great addition to your garden, especially if you are looking for plants that can act as wind cover.
  3. No matter what anyone else says about them, I will always enjoy the original Spider-Man movies the most.
  4. My new girlfriend is a very outdoorsy person; she wants to go hiking, camping, or kayaking every weekend, and it is quite tiring.
  5. Mike often enjoys playing video games with his older sister, even if he always loses.
  6. The overzealous waiter took our starters away before we were done with them.
  7. Those overpriced slippers turned out to be quite a good investment after all; grandma has been wearing them for three years now.
  8. My obedient dog can do six tricks so far and I’m currently teaching her to high five me.
  9. Why does your mother always watch those documentaries about outer space?
  10. The employee at the computer shop tried to sell me an obsolete laptop but I told him I didn’t want something so out of date; I need powerful specs for my video-editing work.
  11. Let’s go for a nice long jog outside — it might be an overcast day, but the weather is still very pleasant.
  12. We all know that John is rather arrogant and thinks of himself as an omnipotent being, but at the end of the day, he is no better than you or me.
  13. This original piece of work could be very popular one day.
  14. Possums may be odd creatures, but I think they are very cute.
  15. The ornery old woman always tried to push her views on the entire HOA, and insisted that everyone should paint their fences white.


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