55+ Adjectives That Start With T (with Example Usage)

Your written or spoken language instantly becomes more vibrant and interesting if you sprinkle it with descriptive adjectives. This large collection of adjectives that start with the letter T will go a long way toward sprucing your text up.

Adjectives that start with T

Tacit — Implied, unspoken, suggested.

Tactile — Sensory, palpable.

Tailored — Custom-made to fit.

Tainted — Blemished, infected, dirty, rotten.

Tamed — Domesticated, trained, friendly, obedient.

Tangible — Palpable, solid, substantial.

Tangled — Twisted, knotted, messy, coiled.

Tangy — Pungent, sharp, tart, bitter.

Targeted — Selected, chosen, aimed, attacked.

Tart — Acidic, sour.

Tasteful — Elegant, polished, exquisite.

Tasteless — Flavorless, lacking taste, dull.

Tattered — Ragged, shabby, frayed, ripped.

Taxing — Difficult, hard, arduous.

Teachable — Educational, inviting instruction.

Teasing — Joking, bantering.

Technical — Methodical; related to mechanics.

Tedious — Boring, dull, mindless.

Teeny — Very small in size, little.

Teetering — Wobbly, unstable.

Televised — Aired on television.

Telling — Marked, notable.

Temperate — Balanced, mild, moderate.

Temporary — Transient, short-term.

Tempting — Enticing, inviting, seductive.

Tense — Tight, strained.

Tentative — Possible, potential, uncertain.

Tepid — Lukewarm, just a little warm.

Terminal — Approaching the end; dying.

Terrible — Horrible, dreadful, bad.

Thick — Broad, chunky; viscous.

Thin — Slim, slender, lean.

Thorough — Comprehensive, complete, exhaustive.

Thundering — Loud, featuring thunder.

Ticklish — Susceptible to tickling.

Tied — Knotted, entwined.

Timely — On time, relevant.

Tingly — Painful, achy, a tingling sensation.

Tiny — Small in size.

Toasty — Warm, heated, cozy.

Top — Best; first; the highest.

Topical — Current, contemporary, newsworthy, relevant.

Toppled — Demolished; removed from power.

Torn — Ripped, destroyed; uncertain.

Total — Complete, utter.

Touching — Moving, poignant.

Toxic — Poisonous, noxious.

Traditional — Conventional, classic.

Tragic — Sad, disastrous.

Transient — Temporary, short-term.

Translucent — Transparent, see-through, clear.

Trapped — Caught, apprehended.

Treasonous — Related to treason, traitorous.

Treatable — Can be cured.

Tribal — Pertaining to a tribe.

Tricky — Difficult, challenging, hard.

Trite — Insignificant, stale, dull.

Tropical — Pertaining to warm tropical regions.

Tucked — Hidden, concealed.

Tumultuous — Filled with upheaval and chaos.

Turbulent — Tumultuous, chaotic.

Twisted — Winding, bent.

Tyrannical — Despotic, dictatorial, authoritarian.

Adjectives that start with T to describe a person

Tactful — Careful, cautious, gracious, diplomatic.

Tactless — Rude, inconsiderate.

Talented — Skilled, promising, impressive.

Talkative — Chatty, social, energetic.

Tall — With a significant height.

Tanned — Having grown darker in the sun.

Tattooed — Having tattoos.

Tearful — Sad, crying.

Teenage — Aged 13 to 20.

Tenacious — Stubborn, persistent, strong, resilient.

Tenured — Having tenure.

Thankful — Grateful, appreciative, glad.

Thoughtful — Considerate, kind, caring.

Threatening — Intimidating, aggressive.

Thrifty — Frugal, good budgeting skills.

Tightfisted — Stingy, thrifty.

Timid — Shy, lacking confidence.

Tipsy — A little drunk.

Tired — Fatigued, exhausted.

Tolerant — Accepting of diversity.

Toothless — Lacking any teeth.

Touchy — Irritable, upset.

Tough — Strong, resilient.

Troublesome — Bothersome, upsetting.

Trustworthy — Reliable, dependable.

Typical — Average, standard, normal.

Positive adjectives that start with T

Tantalizing — Alluring, enticing.

Tasty — Delicious, flavorful.

Tender — Caring, gentle, soft.

Terrific — Wonderful, superb, awesome.

Theatrical — Grand; dramatic, exaggerated.

Thrilling — Exciting, exhilarating.

Thriving — Flourishing, prosperous.

Tidy — Neat, organized.

Titanic — Huge, enormous.

Titillating — Exciting, pleasant, suggestive.

Tranquil — Peaceful, calm.

Transformative — Cathartic, changing.

Tremendous — Significant, grand, huge, enormous.

Trendy — Modern, popular, fashionable.

Triumphant — Victorious, winning.

Truthful — Honest, candid; correct.

Example sentences with T adjectives

  1. My assistant has been of tremendous help; I am not sure if I could ever have completed this project without him.
  2. Mr Porter could be seen performing a triumphant dance after he was offered a well-earned promotion.
  3. That yoga retreat really was a transformative experience; I feel much more peaceful now.
  4. I'll never buy those tasteless hamburgers ever again.
  5. Tropical plants have become very popular as houseplants, because they thrive inside the home.
  6. The timid girl never spoke up in meetings, and only dawdled in her notebook, barely ever looking up.
  7. Your thrifty aunt probably has some of those coupons saved up, right?
  8. That roller coaster proved to be an absolutely thrilling ride; it is no surprise that people are lining up for that amusement park!
  9. The brown bear took on a threatening posture and roared before pouncing.
  10. John Smith was just a typical guy; he went to work every day, watched soccer, and enjoyed a beer with his mates once in a while.
  11. The top player practices his skills every day for at least two hours, and also runs four miles a day.
  12. I am looking for trustworthy team mates to join me in completing this task in a timely
  13. Others would call him ornery, but I would say that he is simply a tenacious
  14. Thank you for sending me that touching birthday letter in the mail; it really made my day.
  15. Jimmy woke up in the middle of the night and ate the rest of the cake; I could have been mad, but I decided to treat it as a teachable moment, instead.
  16. It was a very turbulent flight, so our guest still has to rest and recover before she is ready to go sightseeing.
  17. The tearful woman could barely hold herself together as she told us how much that terrible message had affected her.
  18. With a tranquil mind, you can achieve anything.


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