YWA – Meaning, Origin and Usage

When someone expresses thanks for something you have done, the most natural response is to say you’re welcome. Are you looking for a quicker way to say “you’re welcome” in text? Or maybe a way to say “you’re welcome” while adding in a sarcastic or snarky tone?

If so, “YWA” is exactly what you need. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The shorthand “YWA” is an abbreviation for the phrase “you’re welcome anyway”. Context is important in distinguishing what the user truly means when using this abbreviation, as they could be genuine or they could be using it as a snarky comeback. You may respond to someone with “YWA” when they do not thank you for a service you have done for them.

Whether you have answered someone’s question, given them advice (whether unsolicited or not), or just offered your opinion on some kind of matter (again, unsolicited or not), responding with a quick “YWA” can tell someone a lot of different things based on the context.

Example Usage

“I can see that you didn’t want my help, but I helped, so YWA”.

“You never responded to the advice I gave you, but YWA”.

“You never thanked me for the gift I gave you, but YWA”.

“You didn’t eat the food I bought you. But YWA”.

“I don’t mind helping out, but YWA”.


The term “YWA” has grown in popularity as many other internet slang phrases- such as WYD or LOL- has over the years. Though not as common, “YWA” is still seen in text messages, and on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. It is used more often in text, as it is something you typically say directly to another person. Again, context is very important, as this phrase can be taken many different ways depending on the situation.

Phrases Similar to YWA

  • “YW”, which means “you’re welcome”
  • “TY”, which is short for “thank you”
  • “THX”, another abbreviated term for “thanks”
  • “TBH”, which is shorthand for “to be honest”

Phrases Opposite to YWA

  • “NBD”, which means “no big deal”
  • Don’t worry about it.
  • No problem.
  • Forget about it.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • “YWA” – “You’re welcome anyway”

Ways People May Incorrectly Say YWA

Whether the user intends to use “YWA” as a genuine comment or as a sarcastic comeback, the term is still used to say “you’re welcome” for something someone has done for another person. Thus, one would not use “YWA” if they were not talking about a favor or action they have done to benefit another person, the same way you would use the typical phrase “you’re welcome”. Saying something like, “you did me a huge favor, YWA” would be incorrect, as you are basically saying “you’re welcome” for something that someone else did for you.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase YWA

If you have helped someone with something, but they never thanked you for it, you may respond to them with a sarcastic “YWA”. This might sound like, “you never thanked me for helping you the other night, but YWA”.

On the other hand, you can still use the term “YWA” genuinely. If someone thanks you for something that you did when you did not expect a thank you from them, or you did not do it specifically for praise, you may say something like, “I didn’t mind helping you, but YWA”.

Some other examples are:

  • Hey, I know you don’t like to hear it, but YWA.
  • I went out of my way to pick this outfit for you. Perhaps you don’t like it but YWA.
  • You are pretty rude, YWA even though you apparently don’t know how to say thank you.
  • Appreciation is never a requirement for my assistance, but YWA and know that I am always here for you.
  • I like helping out, so as much as you want to so your gratitude, YWA, but it’s not needed.

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