Welcome Aboard – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to welcome a new team member? You could say “welcome aboard” when meeting them for the first time to break the ice and show your enthusiasm. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “welcome aboard” is a greeting used by service industry members, particularly those involved in cruises and flights. Attendants will use it when welcoming travelers, guests, or members to show them that they are there for support and help.

It’s also a common greeting when welcoming new people to a team at a company or organization. It shows the employee that they are working with a friendly team and have support around them.

It’s a way of integrating a new hire into your company by making them feel as at home as possible, so they settle into their new position.

Welcome aboard” is a common greeting in the corporate world. Managers and employees can use it when welcoming someone new to the team.

Example Usage

“Jim, welcome aboard. It’s going to be great to have you on the team. We hear you’re a big-time closer, and you can show us how it’s done.”

“I’d like everyone to put their hands together and welcome aboard Tom, the new communications manager for the company. I’m confident he’ll make a difference to our team.”

“Let’s all welcome aboard Lisa and show her that we’re all here for each other. Our company values teamwork, and we’re all here to help each other succeed.”

“Let’s welcome aboard, Sandra. She has over a decade of experience in retail, and she’s one of the leading minds in modern marketing. We think she will turn things around for our marketing strategy this year.”

“We welcome aboard, Kim. Kim, we’re here for you, and just reach out to any of us if you need help while you’re settling in.”

“Welcome aboard. Thanks for choosing Delta Airlines. Today's flight time to LA is four hours, and we promise we’ll get you there on time.”

“Welcome aboard Disney Cruises, where the magic lives.”


The expression “welcome aboard” originates from the early 1800s and the advent of commercial passenger ships. When the ship was ready to accept passengers prior to departing, the captain would shout “all aboard” to announce that the vessel was officially open for passenger boarding.

The captain would shout the phrase as more of an instruction than a greeting. If you missed the boarding call, the ship would leave without you if you didn’t make it to the vessel on time.

As travel became more commercialized, the phrase would change to “welcome aboard.”

The phrase would change over the years, with people introducing the version “welcome on board.” Today, it’s common for flight attendants to say welcome aboard or onboard when you enter the aircraft.

Phrases Similar to Welcome Aboard

  • Welcome onboard.

Phrases Opposite to Welcome Aboard

  • Go away.
  • You’re not welcome here.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Welcome aboard.

Ways People May Say Welcome Aboard Incorrectly

Some people may confuse “welcome aboard” with “welcome onboard.” Typically, “welcome onboard” refers to the act of welcoming someone onto a vessel or vehicle. Both of them are positive greeting statements meant for introductions. However, “welcome aboard is the better choice for corporate communications.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Welcome Aboard

You can use the expression “welcome aboard” as a welcoming statement to new people on your team. It could be welcoming a new employee at work, welcoming your son's wife into the family, or welcoming someone aboard any organization or institution.

It’s a way of telling someone that they should feel welcome and that they will find integrating into the team an easy experience. You can use it to show the person that you intend to help them as much as possible and that they can rely on the other people in the team for support.

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