Thank Youuuu - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you texting a friend asking them if they are okay after getting sick? If so, they could reply with, "yes, I'm feeling much better, thank youuuu!" Why would they add the extra "u's" to the message? Did their keyboard stick or something? This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this phrase, and we'll look at its use in text conversations.

Thank Youuuu Meaning

The meaning of "thank youuuu!" is the same as the traditional phrase, "thank you." You'll use thank you when showing appreciation for something that someone else does for you in life.

However, the addition of the extra "u's" in the "Thank youuuu!" version shows extra emphasis on your gratuity.

Like many other text adaptations of phrases and words, thank you might have a different spelling. Still, it means the same as the original saying, with a slight change, being the additional emphasis used in the expression of gratitude.

Typically, this version of thank you only appears in text messaging, chats, forums, and message boards where people communicate through written exchanges. However, we could say that extending the "you" in “thank you” when verbally addressing someone might induce the same reaction in the other person.

Thank Youuuu Example Usage

"It's time to go home for the day; thank youuu!"

"Yes, I won that bet; thank youuu!"

"I appreciate the good wishes. Thank youuuu!"

"You're amazing; I love you. I can't believe you did that for me. Thank youuuu!"

"You treated me so well this weekend, thank youuuu!"

Thank Youuuu Origin

The origin of the phrase, "Thank youuuu!" comes from an adaptation of the gratuitous expression, thank you. The term "thank you" has a long history of use in the English language as a form of showing people an appreciation for kind acts they do for you.

The rise of "Thank youuuu!" came through messaging apps where people, usually girls, would use it to accentuate their feelings of gratitude. The supplementary "u's" in the saying emphasizes the intensity of the expression to the other person or persons in chat.

The use of the saying only occurred around 2015 as more people started communicating through text, and on messaging platforms, such as DM's on Instagram. No one knows when the phrase first appeared in forums and chats, but the first entry into the Urban Dictionary occurred in early 2017. However, we're confident that the saying was well in use before that entry.

The phrase is still popular, especially among girls. Typically, you won't find many boys or men using the expression as it sounds and looks feminine in its use.

Phrases Similar to Thank Youuuu

  • Thank you.
  • Thanks.
  • Appreciate it a lot.

Phrases Opposite to Thank Youuuu

  • Go to hell.
  • Thanks for nothing.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Thank youuuu!

Ways People May Say Thank Youuuu Incorrectly

Some people may use the phrase in professional settings, but it may come off as informal and disrespectful in official communications. Typically, there is no use for this phrase outside of texting. Some people may also use the expression sarcastically, but this is the less common use of the phrase. Men and boys typically won't use the term as it has a feminine connotation.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Thank Youuuu

You can use "thank youuuu!" when you're texting your friends over chat or on your phone. The phrase shows a deep sense of appreciation, and you would only use it when showing extreme gratuity to another person for something they did for you. While some people may use "thank youuu!" in email communications, it might be too formal of a platform for the use of the expression. Usually, the phrase only suits social use.

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