60+ Adjectives That Start With V (with Example Usage)

Adjectives that begin with the letter V aren’t all that common, but you still have an abundance of great choices. Whether you’d like to brighten your text up with more descriptive and vivid language, or you are playing around with poetry and alliteration, this collection brings you some of the best adjectives that start with V.

Adjectives that start with V

Vacant — Empty, unoccupied, abandoned.

Vacationing — Holidaying, traveling, touring

Vacillating — Wavering, hesitant.

Vacuous — Empty, dull, lacking.

Vacuumed — Hoovered, cleared of dust.

Vague — Undefined, blurry, indistinct, unclear.

Valedictory — Pertaining to a valedictorian; bidding farewell.

Valid — Reasonable; still currently active.

Valuable — Expensive, costly, holding value.

Vanished — Disappeared, gone, lost.

Vanquished — Defeated, beaten.

Vapid — Dull, boring, repetitive.

Vaporous — Pertaining to vapor.

Variant — Distinct, alternative, offshoot of.

Varied — With great variation.

Variegated — Possessing intricate patterns and colors.

Various — Diverse, different kinds.

Vast — Large, enormous, spacious.

Vehement — Passionate, intense, fervent.

Veiled — Hidden, disguised; wearing a veil.

Velvety — Soft, made of velvet.

Venomous — Toxic, poisonous, hazardous.

Verbalized — Expressed, stated, articulated, communicated.

Verifiable — Can be verified; provable.

Verified — Confirmed, documented, substantiated.

Veritable — Authentic, actual.

Vernacular — Informal, colloquial.

Vertical — Length-wise, upright.

Very — Much, to a great extent.

Vetoed — Prevented from passing.

Vexatious — Aggravating, annoying, frustrating.

Viable — Feasible, workable, possible.

Victorian — Pertaining the era of Queen Victoria’s rule.

Viewable — Can be viewed.

Vigorous — Strenuous, strong, intense, dynamic.

Vile — Disgusting, revolting, horrible.

Viral — Caused by a virus; very popular.

Visceral — Gut instinct.

Viscous — Sticky, thick.

Visible — Can be seen.

Visiting — Guest, temporarily present.

Visual — Perceivable, visible, can be seen.

Voiceless — Not possessing a voice.

Volcanic — Pertaining to a volcano.

Voluminous — With great volume.

Vomiting — Sick, throwing up.

Voyeuristic — Lewd, intrusive, creepy.

Adjectives that start with V to describe a person

Vain — Narcissistic, overly concerned with appearance.

Vegan — Avoids consuming animal products.

Vegetarian — Avoids eating meat.

Vengeful — Spiteful, seeking vengeance.

Verbose — Wordy, chatty, rambling, long-winded.

Veteran — Seasoned, skilled, experienced.

Vicious — Cruel, nasty, brutal.

Vilified — Disparaged, defamed, dishonored.

Vindictive — Malicious, spiteful, nasty, cruel.

Violent — Aggressive, threatening, dangerous.

Virtual — Electronic, on the internet; nearly.

Virtuous — Principled, honest, moral, decent.

Vital — Important, crucial, key.

Vocal — Opinionated, loud.

Volatile — Unpredictable, turbulent, changeable.

Voluptuous — Curvy, sensual, attractive.

Voracious — Insatiable, greedy, avid.

Vulgar — Lewd, coarse, tasteless, offensive, uncultured.

Vulnerable — Helpless, defenseless, at risk.

Positive adjectives that start with V

Valiant — Brave, honorable, courageous.

Validating — Supporting, confirming, corroborating.

Valorous — Courageous, fearless, brave.

Valued — Treasured, appreciated, honored.

Venerable — Honored, respected, revered.

Venerated — Esteemed, respected.

Versatile — With diverse qualities or skills.

Vibrant — Colorful, clear; energetic.

Victorious — Triumphant, successful, winning.

Visionary — Innovative, having excellent ideas.

Vivacious — Lively, spirited, energetic.

Vivid — Bright, colorful, clear.

Voluntary — Optional, by choice.

Example sentences with V adjectives

  1. I was amazed by the vibrant colors that my new computer monitor displays; investing in a more expensive product can pay off.
  2. The venomous snake overpowered his prey and enjoyed a nice meal.
  3. Mark has a very versatile skill set, so you can count on him to perform diverse tasks.
  4. Susan has been a voracious reader since she was a little girl.
  5. People build extremely complex virtual worlds on the internet, which sometimes rival real life.
  6. The veteran plumber could detect and fix a leak in almost no time; it was very impressive to see him in action.
  7. Watch out — those valuable gemstones are rather fragile, and you wouldn’t want to break them!
  8. That annoying neighbor sent me a verbose message complaining about the new lights we installed on our driveway last night, and I have to admit that I didn’t bother to read the whole thing.
  9. Katy is such a vein girl, and she spends hours coordinating outfits and putting on her makeup every morning.
  10. Cats might seem very sweet, but they are all vicious killers when confronted with a cute bird or a little mouse.
  11. Some plants have beautiful variegated leaves that make them especially attractive to hobbyist horticulturists.
  12. Will you be serving any vegan dishes at the dinner party next week?
  13. We are watching a show about a violent criminal who robs banks and burglarizes houses.
  14. Volcanic ash can pose a danger long after the eruption.
  15. If you have a verified YouTube account, you get a little tick next to your name.

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