60+ Adjectives That Start With U (with Example Usage)

Are you looking for adjectives that start with the letter U? Although there are plenty of words to choose from, you have to be prepared for the fact that most start with “un”, “under”, “up”, or “uni”. We’ve tried our best to bring you diverse adjectives that start with U, though, so no matter what you’re trying to say, we hope this list will be of help.

Adjectives that start with U

Ubiquitous — Everywhere, common, widespread.

Ulterior — Other, hidden, concealed.

Ultra — Extreme, very, radical.

Unacceptable — Not acceptable, inferior, bad.

Unaffected — Not impacted by something.

Unannounced — Not announced; still untold.

Unappealing — Dull, disgusting, not appealing.

Unappetizing — Disgusting, distasteful, off-putting.

Uncanny — Strange, curious, odd.

Uncertain — Hesitant, vague, indecisive.

Unconditional — Without conditions.

Uncovered — Found, discovered, exposed.

Underground — Under the ground; concealed.

Underrated — Deserving of more recognition and attention.

Unfair — Biased, unjust, wrong.

Unified — Brought together.

Uniform — Homogeneous; singular, solid.

Unilateral — One-sided, at the initiative of one.

Uninhabited — Desolate, barren, not populated.

Unionized — Organized in a trade union.

Unipolar — Led or characterized by one side.

Unlikely — Implausible, improbable, doubtful.

Unplugged — Disconnected from the grid.

Unreal — Not real, fictional, made up.

Untied — Not or no longer tied.

Unwanted — Not wanted, disliked, not needed.

Upcoming — Approaching, expected, in the future.

Upfront — Direct, frank; beforehand.

Uphill — Ascending, climbing; arduous.

Upper — Top, higher.

Upstairs — Upper floor.

Urban — Metropolitan, related to a city.

Urgent — Pressing, dire, requiring immediate attention.

Urinary — Pertaining to the bladder.

Used — Second-hand, pre-owned.

Useless — Pointless, futile, without use.

Usual — Typical, habitual, expected.

Utilized — Used, applied, occupied.

Utter — Complete, total, absolute.

Adjectives that start with U to describe a person

Ugly — Unattractive, hideous.

Unattractive — Ugly, unpleasant.

Uncouth — Crude, uncivilized, barbaric.

Underemployed — Employed below one’s skill level.

Understanding — Sensitive, supportive, kind.

Underweight — Excessively light and thin.

Unemployed — Jobless, lacking employment.

Unfortunate — Unlucky, poor, pitiful.

Unhealthy — Sick, poorly, in poor health.

Unhinged — Crazy, deranged, mad.

Unique — One of a kind, original, exclusive.

Unkind — Rude, cruel, nasty, mean.

Unlucky — Unfortunate, wretches, lacking luck.

Unpleasant — Nasty, unkind, horrible.

Unpopular — Disliked, rejected, shunned.

Unusual — Extraordinary, strange, weird.

Uppity — Arrogant, haughty, self-important.

Upset — Sad, troubled, worried, agitated.

Uptight — Strict, severe, excessively rule-oriented.

Positive adjectives that start with U

Ultimate — Final, conclusive; best, top, supreme.

Unanimous — Agreed on by all.

Undying — Eternal, ever-lasting.

Unisex — Androgynous, gender-neutral.

United — Standing together, in agreement.

Universal — General, valid everywhere.

Unspoiled — Pristine, intact, in its natural state.

Upbeat — Optimistic, hopeful, energetic.

Upmarket — High-end, fancy.

Upscale — Chic, classy, fancy.

Usable — Functional, in working order.

Utopian — Idealistic, blissful, perfect.

Example sentences with U adjectives

  1. If you want to go to that upscale restaurant that everybody is talking about, you will have to make a reservation six months in advance!
  2. Many philosophers have considered what a utopian society would look like, and most have concluded that such a thing is not realizable in practice.
  3. Have you checked out those amazing unisex shorts at the sports store?
  4. My boss told me that this is an urgent matter, and insisted that I stay here until the issue is resolved in a satisfactory manner.
  5. That unusual young man will one day start a wildly successful company and become extremely rich; just watch him.
  6. Are you really eating at that unhealthy fast food place again, even though you know that they only ever serve unappetizing food?
  7. I have never understood why my parents insist on keeping that ugly painting in their living room, especially when I know that my mother hates it as much as I do.
  8. English has quickly become a universal language that can be understood all across the world.
  9. The look of utter disgust on their faces said it all; they were never going to try eating insects.
  10. Out of all the incarnations of Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man is my absolute favorite.
  11. He had been a very unpopular CEO, so when he finally resigned, most of the employees were extremely happy.
  12. You should ask Mike about RV living; he has a unique perspective on the matter.
  13. My cat suffers from frequent urinary infections and now has to eat special food.
  14. Buying a used car can be an excellent choice, especially if you are trying to save some money.


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