Finally Some Good Food - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you about to take a bite out of that delicious burger? If so, you could pause before or after taking a bite and say, "Finally, some good food." Typically, you'll use the phrase when enjoying convenience or snack foods after having to eat flavorless meals for days. The term is also the subject of thousands of viral memes.

Search your favorite social platforms for "finally some good food," and you'll find plenty of tasty-looking treats to make you feel hungry. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of the phrase and its use in conversation.

Finally Some Good Food Idiom Meaning

Finally, some good food refers to enjoying a good meal after having to undergo the ordeal of dining on unappetizing meals previously. The phrase can refer to homecooked meals, fast food, candy, convenience foods, or more.

People will use the phrase when expressing their feelings of pleasure at eating something tasty and satisfying. Over the last few years, the phrase moved more towards describing convenience snack foods and fast food over home-cooked meals.

You can also use the phrase a caption when posting tasty food on your social media accounts.

Finally Some Good Food Example Usage

"Thanks for taking me to In-and-Out, John. Finally, some good food."

"I spent all weekend eating my in-laws cooking. Now I'm home. Finally, some good food."

"Did you order the Big Mac? Finally, some good food."

"Open the door for the pizza guy. Finally, some good food."

"I just got a slice of cake from the bakery. Finally, some good food."

Finally Some Good Food Idiom Origin

"Finally, some good food" originates from the smash-hit TV series "Kitchen Nightmares," featuring the legendary chef, Gordon Ramsey. Ramsey's attitude on the show is hilarious, and it's fun to watch him belittle the chefs in training in his kitchen.

The Kitchen Nightmares series was incredibly popular, and it still exists in a web series format on YouTube. Season five of the series aired in 2011, and it's the first use of the phrase in media. After tasting other contestants' cakes to his disgust, Gordon takes a bite of one of the contestant's cakes and utters the words, "Finally, some good food."

However, it wasn't until 2017 that the phrase started appearing on social media sites. Content creators started publishing memes of fast food and snacks, using the saying as the caption to the image. The meme craze started on the /r/dankmemes subreddit, with posters using it to describe anything but home-cooked food.

The phrase also appears on memes of inedible or bad food as a sarcastic expression. Log onto your favorite social media sites and search the term. You'll find it surprising what the search results return.

Phrases Similar to Finally Some Good Food

  • I've been waiting for this forever.
  • I'm tired of eating healthy.

Phrases Opposite to Finally Some Good Food

  • This meal is awful.
  • This snack is terrible.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Finally some good food.

Ways People May Say Finally Some Good Food Incorrectly

Some people may use "finally some good food" in the wrong context. The phrase describes snack foods or fast food most of the time, and the speaker will use the term to let you know that they have not had a good meal in ages or they might be craving fast food or snacks.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Finally Some Good Food

You can use the phrase "finally, some good food" when you're enjoying a meal after spending days, weeks, or months eating poor-quality food. The expression is most popular for describing fast food or convenience snacks. However, it can also apply to home-cooked meals.

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