Fluoride Stare - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Is a conspiracy theorist telling you a bunch of nonsense? Give them the “fluoride stare,” and they’ll eventually give up on you and find someone else to tell their crazy stories to.

This post unpacks the meaning, origin, and use of the “fluoride stare.”

Fluoride Stare Meaning

The fluoride stare involves a blank-faced expression made when the person thinks that they are listening to utter rubbish spoken by a lunatic. The fluoride stare consists of the person spoken to developing a blank stare as if to tell the speaker that they don’t believe what they are saying and have no interest in the subject matter.

Most people that use the stare do it to get the person to stop talking and move on to someone else. It’s a polite and non-violent way of dismissing someone’s story or perspective. Since conspiracy theorists can get hostile or aggressive if you challenge their beliefs, it’s better to just stare at them like a moron.

However, conspiracy theorists see this rejection as a fluoride stare, and they are likely to think you’re just a brainwashed sheep, moving on to the next person that will hear their shpeel.

Fluoride Stare Example Usage

“I was talking to someone about how the origin of the coronavirus could be a giant conspiracy. All I got back was the Fluoride Stare and no response.”

“I tried telling my father about the global conspiracy involving the Bohemian Grove. All I got back was the Fluoride Stare. Now, he thinks I’m crazy.”

“I tried to explain the workings of international politics to Jim and how the elites control us through social engineering programs. He gave me a Fluoride stare and walked away.”

“It’s quite clear that you don’t believe any of these stores I’m telling you about the conspiracy behind 9/11. All you give me is a Fluoride Stare, and I’m sure you think I’m nuts.”

Fluoride Stare Origin

The fluoride stare is a term coined by conspiracy theorists. Most conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis put fluoride in the drinking water during the second world war to “dumb down” the population.

The conspiracy continues today, with many advocates pointing out that the water supply uses fluoride, but there is no health benefit to adding it to the water. The theorists point to studies showing that fluoride acts as a neurotoxin, calcifying the “pineal gland.”

Now, these conspiracy theorists use the term to describe “sheeple” that won’t listen to what they have to say. Hence, you get the “fluoride stare” when you’re trying to tell them the “truth.” You’ll find “fluoride stare” as an active hashtag on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Phrases Similar to Fluoride Stare

  • Blank stare.
  • Blank expression.
  • Not picking up what you’re putting down.

Phrases Opposite to Fluoride Stare

  • Attentive.,
  • Paying attention.
  • Engaged.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Fluoride stare
  • Fluoride stares.

Ways People May Say Fluoride Stare Incorrectly

Some people may tell people they are making a “fluoride stare” when they are in the middle of a conversation where the person looks lost. However, saying the phrase directly at someone may offend them. You could end up getting into an argument or fight over the use of the term with the wrong people.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Fluoride Stare

You can use the “fluoride stare” in conversation when talking to someone who looks lost in the subject matter you’re discussing. It’s typically an insult to someone, and they might take offense to it, depending on their personality. Therefore, it’s only appropriate to use this phrase among friends or when discussing your conversation with other parties.

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