Get a Load of this Guy - Meaning, Origin and Usage


"Get a load of this guy" is a humorous remark and the subject of thousands of viral memes. The expression points out the witty behavior or conversation of another person. The phrase is also appropriate when you're trying to make fun of the person after attempting to make a comical statement.

The phrase is common on social media and on sites like 4Chan and Reddit, where people post memes for entertainment. However, you can also use the term in conversation with others.

If you're using it as a caption to a meme, you will post it with a reactionary image. The image typically has someone pointing at someone while talking. Online, the phrase is usually combined with some reaction image, to create the necessary effect in the viewer.

Get a Load of this Guy Example Usage

"What do you mean, you're going to smash the sales target this month? You're a green salesman with no experience; Hey Jim, get a load of this guy."

"Hey, get a load of this guy; he's telling me that the world is going to end in a year from now."

"Get a load of this guy; he's trying to fit a round peg in a square hole."

"Get a load of this guy; he wants me to help him with his car service after he yelled at me the other day."

"Get a load of this guy; he thinks he's the hottest man on the planet."

Get a Load of this Guy Origin

The use of "Get a load of this guy" in conversation traces back to the 1920s. However, the phrase started gaining traction in the 90s. As of the last decade, it's now the subject of memes on the internet, with some hilarious outcomes.

The popularization of the phrase comes from its use in the 1992 comedy film "Wayne's World." In the movie, Wayne covers his face to the side so Garth can't see what he is saying. Then he utters, "Get a load of this guy," while staring directly into the camera.

However, the phrase didn't really take off until 2010, when it appeared in viral memes on Instagram and other social media sites. Websites and forums like Reddit and 4chan started running with the meme, and there are tens of thousands of images with the caption.

"Get a load of this guy" also ended up as a popular hashtag on the social media site Tumblr, and many users post memes with the caption.

Phrases Similar to Get a Load of this Guy

  • Check out the stones on this guy.
  • Gosh, that's hilarious.

Phrases Opposite to Get a Load of this Guy

  • What the heck was that?
  • I don't find that funny.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Get a load of this guy.

Ways People May Say Get a Load of this Guy Incorrectly

Some people may use "get a load of this guy" incorrectly or in the wrong context. Typically, the phrase is humorous and a remark to a funny comment. However, some people may use the term sarcastically, deviating from the original version of the saying.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Get a Load of this Guy

When making light of someone else's remarks, you can use "get a load of this guy" in social and professional situations. Typically, the speaker will say something adventurous or unbelievable, and you'll reply with the phrase. The phrase also has online use, where people will post images or memes and then use the caption "Get a load of this guy." It's also a suitable online response to posting these images.


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