Ligma - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to play a harmless prank on a friend? Ask them if they know what “Ligma” is. They’ll likely have a blank stare and then ask you what Ligma is. It’s at that stage that they step into the trap and fall for your prank.

Your friends will feel like an idiom when you reply with “Ligma balls.” This post unpacks the origin, meaning, and use of Ligma.

Ligma Meaning

Ligma” is a word that lays a trap for other people. At its origin, Ligma is a fictitious disease. However, the primary cause of using the word is to get a specific response from the other person you’re saying it to, whether that’s online or in person.

The Ligma trap sets up another person to ask, “what is Ligma?” After they take the bait, you would reply with “Ligma balls.” It’s a similar joke to the popular expression, “Deez Nuts.” The phrase is a lighthearted, comical joke, and in most cases, it’s not a direct insult but more of a witty response between friends.

It’s a great way to tease people, and the idiomatic trap only recently came to light over the last three years. It’s still frequently used online and in real life, usually by men or boys.

Ligma Example Usage

You: “Hey man, did you hear Ninja died over the weekend? He caught that disease Ligma and didn’t make it.”

Friend: “What is Ligma?”

You: “Ligma balls bitch, you’re such a fool.”

Ligma Origin

The term “Ligma” has a disputed origin. Some believe that it was the Instagram user galevik, while others think it was the Twitch streamer, “Ninja.”

However, galevik was the first to coin the term in May 2018. Galevik would upload a short video to Instagram showing his conversation with the gun control activist David Hogg. As a proud gun owner, galevik entered a discussion with hogg, asking him if he supported “Ligma.”

Hogg replied by asking, “What is Ligma?” After Hogg fell for his trap, galevik responded with, “Ligma balls bitch.” The video instantly went viral, making its way to other social platforms and websites like 4Chan and Reddit.

As a result of the growing popularity of the saying, people started applying it to memes and other forms of online conversation. However, the use of “Ligma” isn’t limited to online use. You can use it in conversation when you want to make someone like a friend feel like an idiot; it’s a harmless prank between friends.

However, due to the overuse of the term in the last two years, it’s hard to find someone that will fall for the prank.

The second origin of “Ligma” comes from the Twitch Streamer Ninja in July 2018. Ninja spread a rumor on Twitch that he died of “Ligma” over the weekend, resulting in people posting, “What is Ligma?” and the rest is history.

Phrases Similar to Ligma

  • Deez nuts.

Phrases Opposite to Ligma

  • None known.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Ligma.

Ways People May Say Ligma Incorrectly

We wouldn’t suggest using the word “Ligma” in professional settings, nor would we recommend using it in conversations with strangers. Using “Ligma” around people that don’t know you may start an argument or fight when you reply to their question of “what is Ligma?”

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Ligma

You can use “Ligma” and its response in social settings with friends or with strangers. Typically, the phrase always gets a laugh. Ligma is for lighthearted use in conversation or when you’re trying to make someone feel silly after asking you, “what is Ligma?” Your friends are likely to crack up and smile at your response.

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