Saturdays Are for the Boys - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you planning on having a good time with friends this weekend? If your wife or girlfriend wants you to break your plans, you could always tell them, "Saturdays are for the boys."

This post unpacks the meaning, origin, and use of the idiom in language.

Saturdays are for the Boys Meaning

The meaning of "Saturdays are for the boys" refers to you enjoying time with your friends, without your wife or girlfriend. It's a way of saying that you intend to hit the town and have a good time, possibly with large amounts of alcohol involved.

"Saturdays are for the boys" refers to the actual day of the week and who is attending the function. It's an exclusive term, but women can use it as well.

Saturdays are for the Boys Example Usage

"We're heading to the bar for a drink this weekend. Are you coming? If the wife doesn't let you out of the house, just tell her, "Saturdays are for the boys."

"My girlfriend wanted me to take her to dinner tonight, but I told her no way. Saturdays are for the boys."

"Jim, are you joining us this evening? If your wife gives you any stick, tell her that Saturdays are for the boys."

"Sure, honey, I'll sort that out for you tomorrow; right now, I'm heading out to meet Jeff and George, you know; Saturdays are for the boys."

"I asked my girlfriend to make the appointment for any day of the week other than Saturday. Saturdays are for the boys."

"Tom went out with his friends for a night out, you know, Saturdays are for the boys."

Saturdays are for the Boys Origin

The phrase "Saturdays are for the boys" originated from a tweet by John Feitelberg. John is a writer for Barstool Sports, the company headed by Dave Portnoy. John issued a tweet in 2016 coining the phrase, and it still has plenty of use today; just search for "#SAFTB" on Instagram, and you'll find thousands of posts using the term.

Check through your social feed, and you'll see that it's mostly young men using the term. However, many feminists and "woke" people call the phrase sexist and misogynistic. However, the origin and meaning of the idiom don't have any malicious intent, and most people that take offense to the use of the phrase should calm down.

However, Barstool took plenty of heat for using and continuing to use the phrase. Their choice to persist with the hashtag and the saying led the company to lose many top-level sponsors. ESPN ended its partnership with Barstool after the online community started complaining that Barstool Sports publishes content with misogynistic overtones.

Phrases Similar to Saturdays are for the Boys

  • Boys' night out.
  • Leave the women at home.

Phrases Opposite to Saturdays are for the Boys

  • Let me bring my girlfriend/wife with me.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Saturdays are for the boys.
  • Saturday is for the boys.

Ways People May Say Saturdays are for the Boys Incorrectly

Some people state that "Saturdays are for the boys" is a misogynist expression. Therefore, using the term around other "woke" people would likely land you in a verbal screaming match with the other person. Some people take things seriously, and you could end up with a serious problem if you use the term on social media.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Saturdays are for the Boys

You can use "Saturdays are for the boys" when talking to your male friends. Typically, men use the saying, not women, but some women may use it if they feel like giving their man a "free pass" for the evening.

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