Chef's Kiss - Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a gesture to tell someone that you enjoyed the delicious meal they prepared for you? You could always make the gesture of the "Chef's kiss" to show them your approval of the dish.

This post unpacks everything you need to know about the chef's kiss's origin, meaning, and use in conversations and interactions with others.

Idiom Meaning

The chef's kiss is a gesture and expression formed by pinching your fingers together at the tips and placing them to your lips. You'll remove the fingers from your lips in an upwards sweeping motion to complete the gesture.

Chef's Kiss Example Usage

"John started carving the roast. It was so juicy and tender that he made the Chef's Kiss after sampling a bite to let us know what to expect."

"Jean finished her work and pushed her chair away from her desk. After reviewing the work, she made a Chef's Kiss to show her satisfaction with her efforts."

"Kim walked into Louis Vuitton and browsed the handbags. When she settled on one that caught her eye, she made the Chef's Kiss as a sign of approval on the bag."

"Richard finished his dinner and blew a Chef's Kiss to his wife in gratitude for the tasty meal."

"Chad sat in the driver's seat of the Lamborghini and turned on the engine. After the cold start, he blew a chef's kiss at the magnificent sound of the motor warming up."

Chef's Kiss Idiom Origin

The origin of the "chef's kiss" comes from the Italian "al Bacio," which translates to "the kiss." This word also means to convey excellence as an object, person, or action. There are thousands of examples from the 1940s of mustached, Italian master chefs using the gesture.

However, it wasn't until the chef's kiss appeared in advertising that it took off in everyday use. Today, many people use the gesture to describe their appreciation of food, people's actions, or their work. There are dozens of applications for the chef's kiss, and you probably use it yourself from time to time.

The most recent use of the chef's kiss in modern media appeared in 2010. Creators would use an image of the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show, with memes circulating in forums and sites around the internet.

The chef's kiss featuring the Muppets chef also appears in GIFs, and it's popular on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and messenger apps like WhatsApp.

Another interesting use of the chef's kiss came from the suggestion to replace memes of Pepe frog and the use of the word "top kek," which some woke individuals find offensive. The Urban Dictionary first defined the term in 2019.

Phrases Similar to Chef's Kiss

  • That is absolute perfection.
  • Finally, some good food.
  • That is a masterclass.
  • Top kek.

Phrases Opposite to Chef's Kiss

  • That was awful.
  • That was shocking.
  • That was unacceptable.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • Chef's Kiss.
  • Chef's Kisses.

Ways People May Say Chef's Kiss Incorrectly

Some people may use Chef's Kiss incorrectly. It is not a greeting or a farewell gesture. Typically, you're making the gesture to show perfection in the food, task, object, or actions of others. Don't use the idiom or the gesture if you're talking about a mediocre result.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Chef's Kiss

You can use a Chef's Kiss when you're complimenting other people's cooking or yours. The Chef's kiss has broad use in many scenarios in life. Use the expression or gesture to convey that something is as close to perfect as it can get. The Chef's Kiss is suitable for use in social and professional settings.

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