35+ Adjectives That Start With Y (with Example Usage)

Are you looking for adjectives that start with the letter Y? Unless you’d consider those pertaining to nationalities — such as Yemeni, Yiddish, Yorubian, or Yugoslav — you unfortunately won’t have that many to choose from. We bring you the best ones, and hope you can use these adjectives that begin with Y to say what you need to!

Adjectives that start with Y

Yankee — American, United States citizen.

Yappy — High-pitched barking.

Year-round — Throughout the year.

Yearly — Every year, annual.

Yeasty — Pertaining to yeast.

Yellow — One of the primary colors.

Yellowed — Having grown yellow over time.

Yelping — Howling, screeching, barking.

Yeomanly — Pertaining to the qualities of Yeoman.

Yobbish — Vulgar, aggressive, uncultured.

Yogic — Pertaining to yoga.

Yoked — Harnessed; oppressed.

Yolked — Containing a yolk.

Yolky — Egg with a large and prominent yolk.

Yonder — Distant, far away, over there.

Youth — Designed for young people.

Yowling — Crying, wailing.

Yoyoing — Playing with a yoyo.

Yucky — Disgusting, repulsive, awful, dreadful.

Adjectives that start with Y to describe a person

Yammering — Complaining, grumbling, muttering, ranting.

Yawning — Letting out a yawn; bored.

Yearning — Longing for, desiring, wanting.

Yelling — Shouting, screaming, hollering.

Yodeling — Vocalizing a yodel.

Young — Youthful, junior, adolescent, child.

Younger — Less old compared to another.

Youngest — Born later than any of the others.

Yuppie — Urban, young, professional.

Positive adjectives that start with Y

Yearned-for — Wanted, desired, waited for.

Yielding — Acquiescing, accepting, submitting, letting go.

Youthful — With the qualities of a youth.

Yummy — Delicious, tasty, flavorful.

Example sentences with Y adjectives

  1. Brenda was the youngest sister, and was as such always seen as the baby of the family, even though she was now 54 years old.
  2. I have a very youthful grandfather, who always looks forward to going hiking with me and never seems to run out of energy.
  3. Why did you need to buy that Yuppie briefcase, which instantly marks you as a target for the local pickpockets?
  4. Oh, yes, tell me about it — I’ve been growing ever more frustrated since my upstairs neighbor got that yappy dog that keeps me up at all hours, so I’d definitely like to live in a detached house some day.
  5. I have really been enjoying that new culinary app, which allows me to whip up yummy recipes in 30 minutes or less every day and has brought great variety to my life.
  6. The little boy delighted in the fact that his parents would be coming home to a yucky surprise after he mashed the bananas all over the kitchen and sprinkled some instant coffee in for good measure.
  7. We went to that new bar in town the other day and tried some of their craft beers, which have a particularly yeasty
  8. Come on, ye coward, hand me yonder treasure me matey, or be surprised how fast your head can roll! Arr!
  9. That new intern might be an inexperienced young lad, but he is a hard worker who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get down to business, so he has proven to be an asset to the company.
  10. The yellowed pages of her favorite old book smelled musty, and once in a while, pages would simply fall out — but despite that, she still enjoyed reading it once in a while.

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