35+ Adjectives That Start With Z (with Example Usage)

Are you looking for adjectives that start with the letter Z? While this letter does not offer that may choices, you do still have quite a few adjectives to pick from. This list brings you the best, whether you need to describe a person, place, thing, or an idea.

Adjectives that start with Z

Zero — Nil, none.

Zestless — Lacking spice or flavor.

Zesty — Spicy, tangy.

Zigzag — Angled lines.

Zillion — Lots, many, a large number.

Zipped — With a closed zipper.

Zippered — Possessing a zipper.

Zirconian — Pertaining to minerals with zirconium.

Zodiacal — Pertaining to star signs or horoscopes.

Zoic — Containing traces of organic matter.

Zombified — Having turned into a zombie.

Zonal — Divided into zones.

Zoned — Assigned to a particular zone.

Zoomorphic — Shaped like an animal.

Zoonotic — Spreads from animals to humans.

Adjectives that start with Z to describe a person

Zany — Bizarre, funny, wild, outlandish.

Zealous — Extreme, radical, ardent, passionate.

Zitty — Full of pimples, spotty, suffering from acne.

Zombie-like — Lacking agency or direction, tired.

Zonked — Exhausted, fatigued, tired.

Zonkers — Crazy, wild, bizarre.

Zooty — Stylish, showy, flashy.

Positive adjectives that start with Z

Zaftig — Juicy, moist, flavorful.

Zappy — Lively, energetic.

Zazzy — Energetic, brave, wild.

Zen — Peaceful, calm, comfortable.

Zingy — Appetizing, flavorful, delicious.

Zippy — Speedy, fast, rapid.

Example sentences with Z adjectives

  1. Popular movie studios like Disney and Pixar are very fond of creating zoomorphic characters, which look like bipedal animals.
  2. If you would like your yard to become a true oasis of peace and tranquility, you should consider creating a zen
  3. Tom was a rather zealous adherent of newfangled self-improvement techniques, which led him to spend a lot of money on various courses.
  4. Zombie-like employees could be seen hammering away at their keyboards, as they mindlessly stared at their computers, all over the office, so I quickly got out of there and decided to take a job selling headphones instead.
  5. That zesty cheesecake was a huge hit with all the children, so I think I will make that again for the next holiday.
  6. The Brown family has a zany cat that goes absolutely bonkers and zips all over the house late at night.
  7. Zoonotic viruses, which begin in animals and are subsequently able to spread to humans, are quickly proving to be one of the biggest public health concerns of our era.
  8. Tim had zero energy to complete the tasks he had committed to doing at the beginning of the day, and instead decided to zone out in front of the television the rest of the evening.
  9. The zitty teenager asked the pharmacist whether there was anything he could do to cure his acne without a prescription from a doctor.
  10. In case you haven’t heard yet, zizag patterns are back in style!

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